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Complete Displays: Long


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Complete Displays: Long

Make a bang and send your fireworks display to the next level with our 30-minute kits! These large-scale displays are the longest you can find at Galactic Fireworks, making them an ideal choice for a celebration to remember. Each pack includes over 50 items, all carefully selected by our fireworks experts. We don’t simply pick fireworks for the sake of it. We craft coherent, flowing displays to match anything done by a professional firework display company – all without the cost of hiring a professional firework display company!

As the leading 30-min firework display for sale UK provider, we have a number of options available. These vary depending on fireworks, structure, and cost, but they all share one thing in common: the ability to continually wow and amaze spectators with an unforgettable showcase of effects, sounds, and colours.

What is a complete 30-minute firework display?

A complete 30-minute firework display is one that is planned to last for approximately 30 minutes. This timeframe accounts for setting off the fireworks, one by one, at maximum efficiency. As a result, even small pauses in between each firework could bump up the time to 40, 50, or even 60 minutes in total. When it comes to the ‘complete’ aspect, this is a description of the varied, full-size nature of the kits you see on this page.

The latter point is made possible due to the vast selection of fireworks included with each 30-min firework display for sale at Galactic Fireworks. Our complete displays are a feast of rockets and cakes, an overindulgence in all the right ways. Due to their single-ignition nature, cakes can supply multiple shots in quick succession to fill up the night sky with a mixture of colours and patterns. Then, to top it off, you can ramp it up with our high-powered rockets to go out with a bang – literally!

You only have to look at the structure of our cheapest 30-min firework display, the Too Hot to Handle Pack, to get an idea about the vast collection of items provided. An incredible 50 cakes are included as part of the package, while these are complimented by 22 powerful rockets – that’s 72 items in total. Oh, and that’s not even mentioning the extra rockets we throw in free of charge that push it closer to 100 items!

A 30-min firework display is not easy. It requires a lot of effort to not just source fireworks that will be impressive on their own but also to structure these into a schedule that flows and remains coherent. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all of that on your own. With Galactic’s many years in the fireworks trade, we have been able to fine-tune all of the complete displays we put together. That allows you to benefit from this experience and expertise, giving you a fireworks show that hits all the right notes.

What are the benefits of a complete 30-minute firework display?

As a company that sells 30-minute firework displays, it’s only natural to expect us to be positive about our products! However, there are numerous reasons to opt for this extravaganza of fireworks, and we have highlighted the main benefits below:

A true showcase

Make no mistake: our 30-minute complete displays are a true showcase of fireworks. Forget about standard kits you’d find in shops. These displays blow them out of the water due to their sheer scale, variety, and overall quality. If you want to wow spectators with a wonderful blend of vibrant colours, creative effects, and attention-grabbing sounds, look no further than our 30-minute displays.

Get more for your money

Yes, the starting price for our 30-minute complete displays is higher than our other options. That is to be expected due to the additional fireworks that are included as part of the package. However, don’t think you are wasting your money – in fact, it is the opposite. You are getting more for your money overall due to the number of fireworks included.

Take our Too Hot to Handle Pack as an example. If you break the costs down, you are spending less than £8 per firework. When you remember these are premium, high-quality fireworks that would cost a lot more individually, it’s easy to see how you can stretch your money further with these 30-minute kits.

Designed by experts

You receive lots of fireworks that are produced by the UK’s finest fireworks manufacturers, but that’s not all. You also benefit from our very own expertise. A 30-minute display demands a lot of time and effort to put together. For those who are inexperienced in creating such displays, it can quickly become a confusing, frustrating time. With our help, we can remove the stress and frustration associated with going it alone.

Our firework displays are designed by experts. That means each firework was carefully selected. The same can be said for their firing order. By following our lead, you can have a much more convenient time and enjoy the fireworks just as much as your guests.

Is 30 minutes too long? A look at our other complete display options

There are situations and events where a 30-minute firework display is the perfect fit. However, there are also scenarios where 30 minutes is pushing it in terms of duration. Fortunately, we have a full range of display fireworks for sale, all of which cover a variety of durations to best match your requirements.

  • 5 minute firework display: This is at the opposite end of the scale compared to our 30-minute firework displays. However, just because they only last for five minutes, don’t think these kits are lacking as far as content is concerned. They still incorporate a healthy selection of fireworks. The only difference is they go with a more intense schedule, where shots are fired off more rapidly per minute. If a frantic, non-stop display is more to your tastes, a 5-minute firework display is an ideal fit.
  • 10 min firework display: A 10-minute display maintains the frenetic nature of their 5-minute counterparts, although it doubles the duration for a longer showcase. Again, cake fireworks are the basis for these displays thanks to their multiple shots per ignition.
  • 15 minute firework display: To further up the duration, you will find a more varied collection of fireworks with our 15-minute displays. This means a higher number of rockets in general. The likes of sparklers may also be included for a more well-rounded experience.
  • 20 minute firework display: A 20-minute firework display is understandably the most similar to a 30-minute display. The general structure of these display types remains the same. The only difference is you generally get a lower quantity of fireworks in total with a 20-minute display.

Setting up a 30-minute firework display

Whether you are ending a wedding reception in style or going all-out for Bonfire Night, we supply you with the fireworks to make it happen. That said, there is still work to be done on your side – namely, the setting up and launching of said fireworks.

Preparing for launch

Secure, stable fireworks are a necessity before ignition. For cake fireworks, you can keep these in place by either taping them to a stake that has been placed into the ground or by pressing heavy objects – like bricks – against their sides. Rocket fireworks can be kept in place with the use of a launch tube.

Traditional British weather can try to scupper your plans, so be sure to account for possible rain. You don’t want the fireworks to become compromised due to water. If the ground is wet or damp, place a wooden board or waterproof material under each firework.

A 30-minute display includes a lot of fireworks. However, you have to ensure enough space is maintained between each one. By keeping a distance of, say, one foot between them, this stops the chance of any premature ignitions occurring.

Staying safe

Fireworks can be hazardous when precautions are not followed. Make sure everyone remains a safe distance away from the fireworks. It can help to set up fencing or barriers if you are doing a public event and have lots of people watching. This distance can be anywhere from 8 to 25 metres, and this is down to the overall firework category of the display. Children should be supervised at all times, and pets should be kept indoors.

If you’re in charge of lighting the fireworks, you also have to take care. This is why we provide portfires with all of our 30-minute kits. These long lighters make it easy to light fireworks from a safe distance and retreat before the fuse finishes its journey. Another key safety tip is to not stand over lit fireworks or return to them if they haven’t gone off as planned.

Galactic Fireworks: The 30-Minute Complete Display Specialists

Are you searching for the best 30-min firework display for sale? UK providers don’t come any better than Galactic Fireworks. As the leading fireworks supplier in the country, we have everything necessary – from experience to the high-quality fireworks themselves – to produce displays that are unmatched by the competition.

Want to learn more about a specific 30-min firework display for sale? Perhaps you’d like advice on which products are best for your planned event. Whatever the question or enquiry, our dedicated support team is ready to help!