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Novelty Fireworks


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Save 40% BUY 4 FOR £2
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Novelty Fireworks

This novelty fireworks section is for our products that are a little bit different and don’t fit into any other categories. While they might not bring the same excitement and impact as our firework rockets, cakes, mines, and so on, they can still be a nice addition to your event. With everything from Fun Snaps to novelty fountains, there’s something for everyone under this category!

At Galactic Fireworks, we like to offer the most diverse selection of fireworks-related products – and this is demonstrated by the products on this page. Other companies may stick to only selling rockets and cakes, but we want to ensure customers get everything they want for their event, all from one place and all at an affordable price.

What is a novelty firework?

Novelty fireworks are products that have no defined classification. As a result, you can find unusual items that are different from the norm, like rockets and firework cakes. However, while they may be novelties in the realm of fireworks, these are products that are both popular and familiar to customers – and that’s what makes them a popular addition when orders are being placed.

After all, who doesn’t remember playing with Fun Snaps or Devil Snaps as a child? Now you have an easy way to get your hands on them again, providing them to younger guests at your event and those young at heart! Plus, those two products are only scratching the surface in terms of the items that fall under our novelty fireworks category. From Dum Bum Crackling to Bengal Matches, you can further enhance displays and bring added interactivity to proceedings.

The novelty fireworks we provide

As the leading novelty fireworks UK supplier, it is important we offer a diverse selection of products. From nostalgic mini fireworks to colourful matches, here’s a closer look at the range of novelties we provide to customers:

  • Devil Snaps: Our Fun Snaps and Devil Snaps are packs that include small, throwable fireworks that produce a loud ‘pop’ when activated. This small novelty has been a popular one among youngsters for decades. Made up of a mixture of chemicals, these explode when pressure is applied, and that’s what causes the noise and smoke associated with these snaps. With single packs available from £0.59 – or you can grab four for £2 – Fun Snaps and Devil Snaps are cheap, cheerful products that can bring a source of amusement and interactivity to your event.
  • Bengal Matches: Bengal Matches are not too dissimilar to the traditional sparkler. The main difference is their size. As their name suggests, this novelty firework is match-like in size. Once lit, these matches burn with a colourful flame that mesmerises in the same way as a sparkler. Our twin pack of Bengal Matches includes 24 matches in total, which is fantastic value at just £1.19. If you’re having a large gathering as part of your firework display, this is a great way to distribute an individual item to everyone without breaking the bank.
  • Mystical Fire: When you want a unique firework addition, look no further than Mystical Fire. This product doesn’t explode. It doesn’t sparkle. There’s also no direct interactivity involved. What it does provide, however, is a way to turn an ordinary bonfire into a spellbinding display. By tossing a couple of pouches of Mystical Fire onto an ordinary fire, it brings it alive with a dazzling mixture of colours. The vibrant hues bring something different to the party, ensuring your bonfire is more captivating than ever. Moreover, Mystical Fire pouches only cost £1.49, which means there’s no excuse not to turn your fire into a colourful spectacle!
  • Novelty fountains: It’s true: fountains are one of the types of fireworks that have their own dedicated section on this very website. Yet, this places the spotlight on novelty fountains. These novelties include our Vampire Fountain and Paparazzi Fountain, both of which are a family favourite. You also have the Bengal Fuego. This is a five-pack of mini fountains that each burn with vibrancy and a distinct shade, lasting for an impressive 70 seconds in total. All of these fountain options are available for £8.99 each, making them another affordable – and impressive – addition to any display.
  • Dum Bum Crackling: Available in two colours, red and green, Dum Bum Crackling is a nostalgic collection of mini fireworks. Once ignited, these fireworks sparkle away until it hits you with a sudden blast of noise and colour. They’re small and compact, but that doesn’t stop them from packing an incredible punch. Due to their size, they can be an ideal solution if you’re on the hunt for indoor fireworks. Dum Bum Crackling is sold in 20-packs at just £9.99. That’s 50p per firework!
  • Crazy Spinners: On the topic of mini fireworks that bring a heavy dose of nostalgia, we also have the impressive Crazy Spinner. Simply ignite this firework and watch it shoot off as it spins and moves across the floor with a burst of captivating sparkles. As they pirouette furiously across the ground, it’s impossible for spectators not to be glued to the spectacle! Our Crazy Spinners pack is available at £13.99. Each pack includes 50 spinners, which means they’re only 28p each!

What are the benefits of using novelty fireworks?

Before you buy novelty fireworks online through Galactic Fireworks, you might be curious what the exact benefits are from going down this route. After all, you don’t want to waste your budget on items you don’t need. To help you with making the decision, below are the key advantages of purchasing and using novelty fireworks.

Bring variety to your event

Even if you buy one of our firework boxes and packs, which are built with variety in mind, you can still only go so far when that selection consists of traditional fireworks. By also adding novelty fireworks to the mix, you can bring extra variety and uniqueness to your event. Ultimately, with the use of these novelty fireworks, it doesn’t take much to elevate your event to another level.

As the name highlights, Bonfire Night isn’t complete without a bonfire. While a roaring fire can be enjoyable to watch as the flames flicker and crackle, you can add an extra dimension with a pack or two of Mystical Fire. Simply sprinkle these packs onto the bonfire, and watch the flames transform into a mesmerising display of changing colours. That’s just one example!

Cheap addition

Browse through our selection of novelty firework products, and it becomes clear these all share one thing in common: an affordable price tag. In fact, that’s underselling it. All of our novelty fireworks are available at a surprisingly cheap price. We say surprisingly because, despite the low cost, you’re not receiving a low-quality product. These products have all passed our stringent quality checks to find their place on our website. 

Going back to price, you could purchase four packs of Fun Snaps, four packs of Devil Snaps, a two-pack of Bengal Matches, and two pouches of Mystical Fire and still have change left over from £10! Throw in multipack options like Dum Bum Crackling and Crazy Spinner, coming in at 50p and 28p each respectively, and these are a fantastic way to make your money go further.

Get all the family involved

The family-friendly nature of our novelty fireworks cannot be understated. The likes of Fun Snaps and Bengal Matches can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Not only that, but it also gets them directly involved with the festivities. While traditional fireworks make for a wonderful spectacle, it is an isolated experience. Snaps and matches provide interactivity that can bump up excitement and engagement levels significantly.

Even with novelty fireworks that are not built for interactivity, these can still be enjoyed by all the family. Novelty fountains, Mystical Fire, Dum Bum Crackling – they all keep noise levels low while keeping the visual spectacle high.

A safe choice

Firework safety is an aspect you always have to be conscious about when putting together a display. While the right steps will ensure all risks are minimised, there can still be a hazardous element when using firework-related products. Yet this element can be lowered when using certain products, such as our novelty fireworks. Whether it is Mystical Fire or our Paparazzi Fountain, everyone can have a safe, enjoyable time by using common sense and adhering to guidelines such as safety distance.

Buy Novelty Fireworks Online at Galactic Fireworks Today

As the leading online novelty fireworks UK supplier, you have landed in the right place to purchase these products! Galactic Fireworks has an eclectic, exciting collection of novelty fireworks, all of which are competitively priced and designed with quality in mind. Add in the convenience of being able to order online and have these items delivered directly to your door, and there’s no better place for all your fireworks-related needs!

Want to learn more about our collection of novelty fireworks? Get in touch today. Our team of specialists are available and happy to help with any questions or enquiries.