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Bonfire night, or Guy Fawkes night, is a wonderful tradition that’s been celebrated for centuries – it’s fun and grand and can be a real spectacle when you have the right fireworks to set things all off with a bang. This is a night when communities and families come together to enjoy the same thing families have been loving for hundreds of years.

Among the array of fireworks that can light up the night sky, it’s sparklers that hold a truly special place in people’s hearts. They’re the stuff of childhoods up and down the country, and adults love them too. Read on to find out more about how to buy sparklers online, how they make fireworks displays so much better, and much more.

The History Of Sparklers

Have you ever wondered just why we buy sparklers and what their origins are? Perhaps not – most of the time, people just like to enjoy them and have fun with them, but it’s good to know where things come from, and here’s a quick history lesson for you.

Perhaps rather surprisingly, sparklers have been around longer than most people think – they seem to go right back to ancient civilisations where various substances were mixed together and added to a stick that was set on fire. These sticks would spark and flame beautifully, and they became part of rituals and celebrations.

As time went on, things changed, and sparklers became much more sophisticated. It was in the 19th century that the sparkler we know and love so much today became a thing, and it was blacksmiths who were in charge of making them. As soon as sparklers became safer and more easily accessible, they started becoming the number one choice for events and celebrations, including the Fourth of July in America and, of course, our very own Guy Fawkes night.

It's easy to see just why sparklers are so well-loved. For one thing, they’re easy to carry around, so you can take them with you when you go visiting and celebrating. Plus, they’re low risk, unlike some of the larger fireworks. For a lot of people, sparklers were the very first experience they ever had of fireworks, so they’re special and form a big part of some wonderful childhood memories.

Today, sparklers are safer than ever before thanks to the modern way they’re made – you’ll find consistent quality when you buy them online, which makes them a lot safer. Although, it’s still wise to choose a reputable seller like Galactic Fireworks, just to be on the safe side.

Buying Sparklers Online

If you want the very best when it comes to sparklers, you’ll need to find an excellent online stockiest, just like Galactic Fireworks, so you can buy sparklers online without any problems, knowing that you’re getting the best quality and something that will light up the night in a fun and safe way.

Quality is key when it comes to your sparkers, and when you’re looking for a reliable place to buy them online, it’s quality you should be looking for. High-quality sparkers burn brighter, and they have gorgeous effects that people will remember for a long time to come. The last thing you want is something cheap and nasty that looks bad and is just a disappointment; where’s the fun in that?  

It's also crucial to choose the right length. The thing about sparkers is that they come in all kinds of different sizes, from around four inches up to about 36 inches, and the longer the sparkler is, the longer it will burn for. When you have younger children around, the shorter ones might be a better bet as it’ll stop them getting bored and they can enjoy the entire thing from beginning to end.

For an added layer of excitement, why not get some coloured flame sparklers? These are truly unique and beautiful, and because most people are used to white sparkers, throwing in some colour will always be a nice surprise and add another level of enjoyment to your fireworks party.

Hand Held Firework

Fireworks night, or bonfire night, is a wonderful festival, and whether you’re going to a family event, having fireworks in your own back garden, or there’s a local display you want to go to, having a sparkler with you is always a good idea.

We have some amazing choices when it comes to fireworks, including firework cakes, firework boxes and packs, and firework rockets, but you can’t hold these things and wave them around making patterns in the air – that’s something you can only do with sparklers, which is why having them with you to make your night so much more fun is such a good idea.

Family Friendly Fun

Sparklers are something that people of all ages can enjoy, which makes them a lovely family friendly choice. Not everyone likes the big, loud, impressive fireworks that usually light up the night sky, and if you have little children or pets, they might not be the best thing for you to use.

Sparklers, on the other hand, are quiet, so they’re not going to cause any problems, and you can see the beautiful lights up close – something else that doesn’t normally happen when you’re watching bigger fireworks.

Give everyone a sparkler when they arrive and the night will light up with everyone taking part. It’s such a great part of this tradition that really, bonfire night just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Firework Safety

As much as sparklers are a lot of fun, they’re still fireworks at the end of the day, so it’s wise to understand how to use them safely so you can just enjoy the night and not have to worry. Of course, sparklers are one of the safest fireworks around, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some useful rules to follow.

Firstly, make sure there’s supervision when people (especially young children) are using the sparklers. Make sure there’s an adult present when children are enjoying their sparklers who can teach them to hold the fireworks at arm’s length and explain just why it’s dangerous to be careless when they’ve got one in their hands. Children also need to know that they shouldn’t ever run with sparklers – if they fall, they could hurt themselves.

It’s also crucial to know what proper disposal is when it comes to sparklers and to have everything ready for when it’s needed. You’ll need buckets filled with sand or water so you and everyone else can dispose of your sparklers safely. Don’t just assume that because they’ve burned out, they’re safe and cool; they can stay very hot for a while after the sparkles die out.

Plus, there’s the clothing. If you’re going to enjoy a sparkler, you’ll want to do it while you wear long sleeves and gloves and closed-toe shoes as well. In that way, if any stray sparks land on you, they’re not going to cause any painful problems.

Coloured Flames

As we mentioned above, sparklers usually come in just one colour; white. They’re gorgeous and fun and an unforgettable part of the night, but when you think of sparklers, colour doesn’t usually come to mind.

At Galactic Fireworks, things are different, and if you want colourful sparklers, that’s precisely what you can have. Why not? Why not light up the sky and even write your name in colour for a change? It really makes a difference and it looks stunning every time you do it.

Coloured flame sparklers include red, green, blue, and gold, and each colour gives you a gorgeous effect that’s absolutely mesmerising and memorable. When you have these colourful additions to your bonfire night part, you’ll surprise people (in a good way) and they’re sure to remember your event for years to come, even if it’s because of the sparklers you gave them.

Sparklers Are Timeless

Sparklers have been around so long, and will be around for so long, that they’re absolutely timeless, and a bonfire celebration just wouldn’t be right without them. With the best sparklers, you can ensure that your party is going to go with a bang (even if they’re the only fireworks you want to have).

Be safe and have the best time when you buy sparklers – you’ll be making some beautiful memories for all involved, and you’ll be carrying on a tradition that started centuries ago and will continue for centuries in the future; it’s good to be part of something like that.

Your Sparklers Are Waiting For You At Galactic Fireworks

Whether it’s fireworks night or any other special occasion, Galactic Fireworks has everything you need to make it a night to remember – including plenty of sparklers in a variety of different colours.

Create memories that will last a lifetime with our sparklers, dazzling fireworks, and more. Take a look at our website to see what we have to offer, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions; we’re ready to help you celebrate in style