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Complete Displays: Short


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Complete Displays: Short

Are you on the hunt for a magnificent fireworks display that doesn’t overstay its welcome? Look no further than our 10-minute complete display packages. These displays supply the perfect blend of intense, wonderful firework action while also lasting long enough to the point you feel you’re getting a full-length, professional firework production – all without having to spend professional product prices!

As the leading 10-min firework display for sale UK specialists, there’s no better place to get this type of kit than Galactic Fireworks. This page features an assortment of 10-minute kits, all packed with a wonderful selection of high-quality fireworks that will dazzle with their colours, patterns, and sounds. The only difficulty is deciding on which one to buy!

What is a 10-minute firework display?

A 10-minute firework display is a full-service package that includes everything you require for a memorable fireworks show. That means you get an assortment of high-quality fireworks that light up the night sky in spectacular fashion. As implied by the name, this complete firework display lasts for approximately ten minutes. However, this is based on if you set off each firework immediately after the other. Even just a minor 30-second delay between each one means you could double, even triple, the time of the display.

Simply put, when we say a 10-min firework display, that’s 10 minutes of pure firework action!

With complete displays that only stick around for the 10-minute mark, you will see that most options are primarily made up of cakes. After all, to get in a similar number of shots as the 30-minute equivalent, it needs to ramp up the rate of shots per minute. Cakes supply those short bursts of fireworks from a single ignition, which optimises the rate of shots perfectly. However, as you’ll see if you look at the 10-min firework display for sale on this page, a number of options include some full-scale firework rockets to truly cap off your display in style!

Many people find 10 minutes to be a great length of time for a firework display. It’s long enough that you feel you are getting your money’s worth, particularly when using high-quality fireworks that we supply. At the same time, it also doesn’t stick around for too long. Think of it like a thrill-a-minute, 90-minute action film. It will have you glued to the sky for its entire duration as you watch the different bursts of colour and effects!

Some of our 10-minute complete display kits include over 30 items in total. That’s a lot of fireworks. Fortunately, you don’t have to be worried about the confusion of trying to organise these fireworks into a coherent, structured display. We provide you with full instructions, including the firing order, for simplicity and peace of mind.

Is a 10-minute display right for you? Other display firework options available

Our 10-minute options are only scratching the surface in terms of the complete displays we offer at Galactic Fireworks. In fact, we have a large selection of display fireworks for sale. These range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, and some durations are a better fit for certain events than others. Here’s a closer look at each alternative to help you decide which is best:

  • 5 minute firework display: Yes, we have complete displays that take just half the time of our 10-minute packages! These 5-minute displays cram in an incredible amount of excitement in a short space of time. If you want to truly light up the night sky with a continual burst of fireworks in a short space of time, this is the best way to make it happen.
  • 15 minute firework display: These mid-length displays are not too dissimilar to a 10-minute firework showcase. You’ll see a nice mixture of fireworks, such as cakes and rockets. However, they can also include the likes of sparklers to further increase longevity.
  • 20 minute firework display: The 20-minute displays further diversify in terms of the fireworks used. While bursts of fireworks might not be as regular as 5 or 10-minute showcases, they are designed to last longer – and this helps with being able to savour each firework.
  • 30 minute firework display: Coming in at a whopping 30-minute duration, you won’t find any longer complete displays than these at Galactic Fireworks – or anywhere else! Lots of fireworks are only natural with these extended displays. When you want to put on a show that is going to live long in the memory, a 30-minute display is a fantastic choice.

Remember, these are only approximate times for each display. We judge this based on the length of time it would take to fire each firework at optimum efficiency. Wait a few seconds between each ignition, and you’re looking at a display that will last much longer in total.

What are the benefits of a 10-minute complete display?

Our 10-minute display packages are among the most popular options we have at Galactic. Why is that the case? To answer that question, let us highlight the benefits of opting for a 10-minute display.

A great length of time

Not many people would moan about a fireworks display that lasts for 10 minutes in total. That is long enough for people to feel they’re receiving a spectacular showing. Additionally, those watching don’t have to dedicate too much time to the fireworks. For instance, if this is a display to cap off a wedding reception, it’s probably best not to go with a 30-minute package! 10 minutes hit the right spot for many different situations and public events.

Packed with content

When someone sees a 10-min display and a 20-min display, it’s only natural for them to think the latter includes more content overall. However, on average, that isn’t the case. You still get the same level of content in total – it’s just distributed in a different way. With a 10-minute display, you will typically receive a higher shot count compared to longer displays.

Take our Big Boss Pack as an example. This 10-minute display includes 147 shots in total. Now, let’s match it up against the Ultimate Garden Pack, a 20-minute display that has 150 shots overall. In essence, you are receiving double the number of shots per minute with the 10-minute display.

Value for money

Large-scale firework displays don’t come cheap. This isn’t a standard pack of fireworks that are cheap and cheerful but only last a couple of minutes and don’t go all-out. However, you still receive a large slice of value when buying our 10-minute complete displays. Our Bonfire Bash Pack, for instance, is at an affordable £199.99 with delivery included. When you factor in the sheer number of fireworks you receive per pack, along with their guaranteed quality, you are getting a lot of value out of this deal.

Designed for public events

When you want to put on a wonderful show for a public event, 10-minute complete displays are a great route to go down. They allow you to stand out from the crowd on major holidays like Bonfire Night and New Year’s. Additionally, you can also use them for everything from festivals to work gatherings, allowing you to create a lasting impression with your events.

There’s another reason why these are great for public events: simplicity. You don’t have to spend unnecessary time planning out a display. We prep everything for you to the point where all you have to do is set up the fireworks, follow the instructions, and light the fuses!

Setting up a 10-minute complete display

When setting up your firework display, you have to consider organisation and safety. You want all of the fireworks to shoot off without a hitch, ensuring nobody is put into a hazardous situation.

First, start by prepping the fireworks. With cake fireworks, it is recommended you secure these with either bricks placed against the sides of the box or by taping it to a stake that has been inserted into the ground. For rocket fireworks, you will want a launch tube to place them in, ready for ignition. Remember to space out the fireworks, so they’re not too close together.

Another important point regarding safety is the distance maintained between the fireworks and spectators. This distance is down to the firework category of your chosen display box. Some fireworks allow you to remain 8 metres away – which is ideal for garden parties – whereas others can be up to 25 metres. Remember to check this and account for your event space before purchasing a complete display.

Galactic Fireworks: The #1 destination for 10-minute complete displays

We take pride in being the best 10-min firework display for sale UK suppliers. We provide a range of 10-minute kits that deliver the perfect blend of quality, variety, and value for money. Our experts have put in a lot of effort to fine-tune each selection, ensuring you receive an incredible fireworks display.

We are the number #1 destination for all things fireworks. If you require further information about our 10-minute displays or other products, give us a nudge to learn more!