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Primed Pyrotechnics
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Give your firework display a unique element with one of our firework mines. When you think about standard fireworks, the thought process is they are sent into the night sky, where they explode. Well, mines flip the script. These are ground-based fireworks that remain at that level for their entire duration. Beginning with sprinklings of sparks and gentle sounds, mines reach a sudden crescendo with a huge eruption of noise and colour. Surprising as it is impressive, these fireworks are great for grabbing the attention of spectators.  

As seen on this page, Galactic Fireworks stocks a selection of firework mines. These mines are high-quality products that will deliver the spectacle you desire. Yet, as part of our commitment to being the foremost fireworks store in the UK, we ensure we offer our mines at the most competitive pricing possible.

What is a firework mine?

Also known as a ground mine, a firework mine is a popular form of other pyro that differs from standard firework rockets and cakes. This pyrotechnic device emits sparks and colourful effects from the ground, where it creates a unique and dramatic spectacle. While it takes on a different format than aerial fireworks, the general structure of mines remains the same. This involves the firework being housed within cardboard, plastic, or a combination of the two, and it being ignited via the lighting of a fuse.

Once the firework is ignited, it emits an eye-catching and often intense display of colours, flames, and sparks. These effects shoot upwards from the base of the mine, where it creates a fountain-like effect. Unlike a fountain firework, however, the mine variety has a big surprise up its sleeve. Just when the audience feels they’ve seen everything from this firework, where they relax and have been lulled into a false sense of security, the mine strikes. It finishes with a massive eruption of ear-splitting noise and intense colours!

At Galactic Fireworks, we stock a small yet carefully selected collection of mine fireworks. This ranges from the Mine Attack double pack to the large Tequila Slammer. These mines are built with the same general structure. That’s to begin with a serene fountain-like approach, which then explodes into life at the end. That explosion sees an eruption of sky-filling bangs that suddenly changes into an aerial showcase to end proceedings! This two-stage pyro performance is an excellent way to bring drama to any firework display.

When you buy firework mines, these make for an excellent addition to any of our firework boxes or packs. They are a fantastic complement to aerial effects, and they can be seamlessly integrated into larger displays around the launch area.

How does a firework mine work?

As mentioned previously, a firework mine may have a different concept in general, but they typically work the same as any of their standard counterparts, like firework cakes.

When using a mine, this is first securely placed on the ground. While it won’t be flying off into the sky, you still want to ensure the firework remains upright for it to work as expected. Once secured, you can light the fuse. This causes the pyrotechnic composition located within the mine to ignite, which begins the stream of effects. As the fuse burns, it sets off the next sequence in the mine.

With the mines found at Galactic Fireworks, the end stage is reached when shots are fired into the sky like a cake firework. Alternative mine products may stick with a single shot or omit this part altogether. However, our mines produce multiple shots, all fired in rapid succession, to supply a fitting finale.

Even though a lot of content is included, mines don’t last for too long overall. Our products last for around the ten-second mark. Yet no second of that time is wasted, and it manages to take spectators on a journey that will excite and play on their emotions.

What mines are available at Galactic Fireworks?

As one of the most unique types of fireworks on the market, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise there are not many high-quality mine options around. People are always going to opt for tried-and-tested favourites like cakes and rockets. Yet mines are quickly growing in popularity, and this aspect is helped by us supplying the best fireworks in this category.

Let us provide a quick description of each firework mine in stock here at Galactic Fireworks:

  • Mine Attack: With it costing only £6.99, this is the most affordable mine-related product we have in stock. Better yet, you don’t just get one mine – you get two as part of the package! Lasting eight seconds, Mine Attack is a budget-friendly option that allows you to experience the ground-to-sky thrills of our mines.
  • Molotov Cocktail: With a name like Molotov Cocktail, you have to expect a high-impact mine – and that’s exactly what it delivers. After starting slow, the Molotov Cocktail explodes into life with an eruption of ten simultaneous sky-filling bangs! This ten-second mine packs in a lot of excitement for your £19.99.
  • Tequila Slammer: Another £19.99 bargain is found with the Tequila Slammer. Made by the same folks behind the Molotov Cocktail, you can expect more of the same in terms of how the two-stage pyro works. However, it has its own unique charm – and colours and effects – that make it stand on its own.

What are the benefits of using mine fireworks?

If you’re still contemplating adding mines to your firework display, here are a few key points to convince you it is the right decision:

Dynamic two-stage effects

When you’re seeking to add depth, variety, and a little something unique to your firework display, look no further than a mine. Not many fireworks are constructed with a two-stage process. When you think of cakes and rockets, you’re watching them reach the night sky before they burst into life. With a mine, you get to first enjoy a ground-based display that helps to captivate and hook the audience. Then, once they’re hooked, it bursts into life with an aerial bombardment of shots, further ramping up the excitement levels.

Imagine a firework that is a combination of a fountain and cake, and you’ve got an idea about how a mine works.

An affordable option

Even with its unique structure and power-packed performance, mine fireworks won’t break the bank. These products are available at a very reasonable price – particularly here at Galactic Fireworks! With mines starting from just £3.49 each, you are able to add this firework type to your display without having to worry about blowing your budget.

A more intimate, engaging experience

Aerial fireworks often require spectators to watch from a distance. With mines, they’re able to get closer to the action for a more intimate experience. This, in turn, adds to the immersion. Viewers are able to hear the crackling of the sparks and feel the heat from the effects, and this all intensifies the mine’s sensory impact. Then, when the firework enters the second stage of its act, it only further enhances its impact – the overall enjoyment for spectators.

Of course, you still have to think about firework safety. Nobody is allowed to stand too close due to distance regulations. However, they can be within a certain proximity of the mine, which only improves the experience.

Easy to set up

There’s nothing confusing about using a firework mine. Like with a cake, it may include multiple components and shots, but you only have to ignite a single fuse. It also isn’t difficult to set up this firework correctly. All it involves is securely anchoring the firework on the ground. This can be done by placing heavy objects around the sides of the mine. With just a few bricks, this helps to keep the mine stable and prevents the possibility of it falling over.

Seamless integration

Whether it is Bonfire Night or New Year’s, a garden gathering, or a large public event, a mine can add to your fireworks showcase. This is supported by the fact they can be integrated seamlessly into displays, both big and small. When synchronised with aerial fireworks, they can create a spectacular, visually impressive spectacle.

For example, you could begin the celebration with your mine firework. As it sparkles away, dies down, and then explodes into life, this can be the perfect way to kickstart your entire display.

Buy firework mines today from Galactic Fireworks

Are you ready to take your fireworks display to the next level? You can do just that with our premium firework mines. While our current selection of mines is small, this is done for one specific reason: quality. We don’t sell any product that fails to pass our high standards. At Galactic Fireworks, we only provide products that will enhance your display and delight your guests. Get ready to light up the night in style with our unique, impressive firework mines! 

Want to learn more about mines? Perhaps you’d like suggestions on more family-friendly options? Get in touch now, and our firework experts will be ready to answer any of your questions.