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Complete Displays: 15 Minutes


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Complete Displays: 15 Minutes

When you don’t want a display that seemingly ends before it has even begun, look no further than the 15-minute firework display packages we have available! At Galactic Fireworks, we understand customers want a complete display that combines spectacular fireworks with a lengthy duration time. These kits cover both points in style, giving you a fireworks show ideal for your event.

As seen on this page, we have a number of complete display options that last approximately 15 minutes in total. Simply select the one that best appeals to your needs, whether it is packed full of firework rockets or cake-heavy!

What is a 15-minute complete firework display?

A 15-minute firework display is one which lasts for around 15 minutes in total. That much is self-explanatory. In terms of where the ‘complete’ part of the process enters the equation, this describes how the kit includes everything you require for a fireworks display. There’s no need to buy any additional rockets or cakes – you have everything bundled together in one neat package!

For a full 15-minute extravaganza, it’s understandable you need lots of fireworks, and that is what you get with the packages on this page. Expect to see a healthy collection of premium cakes and rockets as part of the package. Some of our 15-min firework display packages also include packs of sparklers at no additional cost – to help further engage and entertain your guests.

15 minutes is an excellent duration for any fireworks display. Forget about buying a standard box of fireworks and burning through these in just a couple of minutes. That’s what makes them ideal for everything from garden parties that go beyond the norm to events like festivals and weddings. You get a full 15 minutes of firework action, where the sounds, effects, and colours can dazzle your guests again and again!

It lasts 15 minutes and includes a wide assortment of fireworks. While these points might suggest a complex display for you to organise, that’s not the case. In fact, the simplicity of these complete displays is one of their main advantages. Everything you require for an incredible fireworks showcase is included in one box. Additionally, you are given instructions that detail the order to ignite each firework.

The alternative complete solutions to a 15-minute firework display

It’s not only 15-minute firework displays we offer. At Galactic Fireworks, we have a vast array of display fireworks for sale. If you’re unsure if 15 minutes is the right duration for your planned display, let us highlight the other options up for grabs:

  • 5 minute firework display: If you want a quick wallop of fireworks, look no further than our 5-minute firework displays. These manage to include an incredible number of shots within a short timeframe, which creates an intense, incredible display. It might be short, but it leaves a memorable impression!
  • 10 min firework display: A 10-minute firework display is not too dissimilar from our 15-minute options. It includes the same types of fireworks, like rockets and cakes. The only difference is that it’s generally five minutes shorter in total. If you need to maintain a tighter schedule, you could opt for a 10-minute display instead.
  • 20 minute firework display: On the other side of the 15-minute display divide is the 20-minute variety. At this length, the firework display continues to be further diversified. As the display’s length of time is increased, this also generally means there is more time between each shot.
  • 30 minute firework display: When you truly want to take a firework display in full, you might be best to go for a bumper 30-minute display. As you’d imagine, these incorporate a vast selection of fireworks, allowing you to put on an unforgettable showcase that lights up the night sky for half an hour!

Each firework display is only provided with its recommended duration time. Set off every firework at the same time, and that would drop the duration significantly. Conversely, if you put in notable pauses between the fireworks, that would up the time it takes for the display to complete.

What are the benefits of a 15-minute complete display?

As the leading 15-min firework display for sale UK supplier, you’d expect us to be vocal about the greatness of these kits. However, there are clear benefits gained from using this type of complete display. We have highlighted them below:

A fully fleshed-out display

It’s not too short. It’s not too long. A lot of people would consider 15 minutes to be just right when it comes to a large-scale fireworks display. These complete displays include a varied amount of content across these 15 minutes of fun and thrills, ensuring you get plenty of shots each minute until the very last firework is done.

A varied mixture of fireworks

With 15 minutes to cover, it’s not possible to complete the display with just two or three different varieties of fireworks. You need a large volume of fireworks to get the job done. That’s why you get an excellent variety with a 15-min firework display.

Take our popular Twilight Twinkle Pack as an example. This set includes a whopping 44 items, and that doesn’t even account for the sparklers, which are added free of charge. With an assortment of cakes and rockets, you get a display that demonstrates a diverse selection of patterns and effects that will keep you wanting to see what’s next to fill the sky!

Even our cake-focused complete displays bring variety to the party. The Stardust Display Pack, made up of 26 distinct firework cakes, takes you on a journey through the cosmos. Each cake provides a unique showing, one that delivers an impressive visual spectacle for each of the 26 cakes.

Value for money

It’s true. Take a look at any of the display fireworks for sale on this page, and you’re going to be spending at least three figures. That’s not cheap, particularly when compared to budget options you’d find in supermarkets. At least, that’s the case when you only analyse it from a number standpoint. When you account for quality, quantity, and variety, there’s only one winner in terms of value for money.

Sit back and relax

Trying to put together a fireworks display is not an easy task. You have to contemplate what fireworks to get, what order to ignite them, and so on. Get it wrong, and you might end up with a display that’s too short and doesn’t flow correctly. That is not good – the last thing you want is a disappointing start or finish to your event.

That’s not a problem with our 15-minute complete firework displays.

With these displays, all of the hard work is done for you. All of the fireworks are selected with careful consideration. You are also supplied with a recommended firing order, ensuring everything flows optimally. All you have to do is prepare the fireworks and ignite them – that’s it!

Getting your 15-minute complete display set up

When you come across a 15-min firework display for sale on this website, you will receive everything necessary for a successful showcase. That said, there’s still some work to be done from your side, and that mainly revolves around setting up the fireworks ready for launch.

Setting up changes depending on the ground. When working on grass, you can make a small indent for each cake firework to sit in. Yet this alone may not be enough to keep it stable. To stop it from potentially tipping over, it’s recommended you insert a stake next to the firework and strap the cake and stake together with duct tape. For concrete, place heavy objects to the sides of the cake. You should use a launch tube when working with rocket fireworks.

Once everything is in place, the next step is thinking about how to ignite each firework. A long lighter is suggested as this will keep your hands safe from any sparks produced once the fuse is lit. Once lit, move a safe distance away. The recommended distance is between 8-25 metres, and this is dependent on the fireworks you’re using.

Get your 15-minute display today from Galactic Fireworks

There’s no better place to find a 15-min firework display for sale, UK or otherwise, than at Galactic Fireworks. Over the years, we have continually refined the displays we put together, ensuring customers receive a fireworks package that delivers big thrills, value, and quality in equal measure. Whether it is for a public Bonfire Night celebration that will live long in the memory or to take a private garden party or wedding reception to the next level, our 15-minute complete displays are a fantastic option.

As the leading fireworks store in the country, Galactic Fireworks is also proud of the customer service we provide. We’re always available to offer assistance or guidance when necessary. Whether you want to learn more about our complete displays or other products we offer, get in touch today, and we’ll get right back to you!