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Catherine Wheels


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Catherine Wheels

Give your firework display an extra dimension with an old classic: the Catherine wheel! It has been part of firework displays for centuries, yet the popularity of Catherine wheels is everlasting. These fireworks continue to delight as they spin and shower the air with colourful sparks. Simple yet impactful, no small display is complete without this wheel firework.

At Galactic Fireworks, we stock a number of Catherine wheels to best match the needs of customers. While each option is affordable, don’t think this is a mark against their quality. In fact, there’s no better Catherine wheel firework UK product supplier when it comes to performance, reliability, and the ability to delight spectators, both young and old!

What is a Catherine wheel?

A Catherine wheel is a pyrotechnic device that, rather than the likes of firework rockets and cakes that shoot upwards, takes on a circular approach. This is achieved by the firework being comprised of a wheel-like structure – hence the name – that is securely mounted to a fence post or other applicable structure. On the outer boundary of the wheel are affixed tubes, aka motors, and these are filled with powder, which create sparks and propel movement when ignited.

The ability for a Catherine wheel firework to spin rapidly and emit sparks is its most distinctive feature. As it spins around and around, it generates a mesmerising pattern that captivates your spectators. The sparks scatter in all directions, creating a dynamic, beautiful visual effect that can further add to your fireworks celebrations.

We have a small but carefully curated selection of Catherine wheels available. Each wheel differs in terms of its structure and style. For instance, Tri Colour Wheels is a triple motor device that emits an enchanting blend of colours. Golden Wheel is a more powerful alternative, complete with six motors in total. Each motor includes its own defined colour and effect, and this helps with creating a long-lasting memory.

If you purchase one of our firework boxes and packs, a Catherine wheel is a great addition to round off the festivities. The circular, radiant display it produces is great for events such as Bonfire Night, New Year’s, and small garden parties.

How does a Catherine wheel work?

The simplicity of a Catherine wheel firework is one of its most enticing features. All you have to do is affix it to an appropriate structure, light the fuse, and watch it spin around and around!

As mentioned, the first step is securing the Catherine wheel to a suitable structure or apparatus. While this firework type isn’t heavy, you still need to ensure it is attached to something stable like a post. You don’t want it to become loose and fall – that could result in an unplanned bonfire! To attach the wheel to a post, it is necessary to use a nail. Avoid hammering the nail in too much, as you still want the wheel to spin. Before ignition, make sure to use your hand to give it a test spin and see if it’s moving freely.

Once it has been securely mounted, the Catherine wheel’s fuse is lit. This ignites the powder-filled spiral tube, which effectively ‘powers up’ the firework. The energy generated creases a flame and sparks. Additionally, the resulting combustion causes the wheel to rotate. As it speeds up, it turns rapidly to create a much more energetic, spectacular display. Sparks scatter, while effects can include everything from whistles to colour changes. 

Catherine Wheel fireworks can last from around 30 seconds to a full minute. This is enough time to grab the attention of guests and create a strong overall impression for your display.

The Catherine wheel firework options at Galactic

As mentioned already, we stick with a modest selection of Catherine wheels. This ensures we only provide wheels that are high-quality and reliable and supply the fun you seek from this type of firework. Here’s a quick summary of the options available:

  • Razzmatazz Wheel: With a mix of red, yellow, white, green, and glittering motors, the Razzmatazz Wheel is a popular choice due to the vibrant colours and patterns it produces. This product has another advantage with its massive 65-second duration, which belies its low £6.99 price tag.
  • Tri Colour Wheels: With this option, you get two wheels in the package! As the cheapest Catherine wheel firework for sale here at Galactic Fireworks at £3.49 each, you might think they’re lacking in quality. That’s not the situation. These triple motor wheels deliver a delightful blend of colours, a combination of thrills and theatrics that last 25 seconds each.
  • Whizz Wheel: This wheel is a powerful new addition to our collection. With six motors, it incorporates a tri-effect to deliver a vibrant, frenetic display that lasts for approximately 50 seconds. Whizz Wheel is available for just £7.99.
  • Golden Wheel: With a name like Golden Wheel, it shouldn’t be a surprise this is our most premium Catherine wheel! However, it still only comes in at £8.99 – and that price even goes down if you buy three or more. With six motors and a 31-second run time, Golden Wheel is a power-packed firework that captivates with its stunning variety of effects and colours.

What are the benefits of using a Catherine wheel?

If you are still wondering whether to add a Catherine wheel firework to your display or not, the following points will help convince you to go with the former. Here are the main benefits from using a Catherine wheel:

Easy and safe setup

Setting up other fireworks can be a little trickier than it seems initially. The likes of firework cakes and rockets are necessary for a premium display, yes, but ample care and attention are needed to ensure they launch correctly. It only takes a rocket to tilt sideways before launch for it to become a potential hazard.

With a Catherine wheel, it is generally a lot easier to set up. All you have to do is secure it in place with a nail against a post. That’s it. As long as no flammable materials are around, you are ready to ignite. Even beginners feel comfortable setting up a wheel firework. In terms of firework safety, as they are mounted, this also minimises the possibility of any accidents occurring.

A mesmerising visual feast

There’s no underselling just how much of a visual treat it is to watch a Catherine wheel in full flow. It inspires and captivates both young and old. As the wheel spins at a rapid rate, it creates a stunning circular pattern full of effects and colourful sparks. Another plus point is that, when compared to certain other fireworks, it is longer than average. For instance, a rocket can be done within a matter of seconds, whereas a Catherine wheel can last for up to a minute or longer.

Versatile solution

It may not seem it at first, but a Catherine wheel is a versatile firework. Yes, each one generally functions the same – they are affixed to a post while they spin and sparkle until completion. However, their versatility is gained by the number of settings they can be used in.

They are excellent for garden celebrations and smaller gatherings, of course. Yet they can also play a role in grand public displays. Placing a few Catherine wheels on standalone posts and igniting them at the same time can create a stunning display that even a large audience can appreciate. 

Affordable option

Whenever you look at a Catherine wheel firework for sale on this page, there’s one thing that will strike you immediately: the affordable pricing. You’re not going to be spending much at all if you decide to add a Catherine wheel to your display. With all Catherine wheels coming in at under £10 on Galactic Fireworks, you get an excellent addition to your fireworks celebrations for the price.

Fun for all

Like other low-noise fireworks such as Roman candles, Catherine wheels are recognised for their family-friendly qualities. As most options generally keep the noise down, this makes them more comfortable to experience for everyone. After all, a lot of young children can be scared by loud fireworks. With a Catherine wheel, they can still enjoy the wonderful spectacle without being spooked by any overly loud sounds.

Galactic Fireworks: The #1 Catherine wheel firework UK supplier

Galactic Fireworks is the UK’s leading fireworks supplier. Due to this, there is no better destination for all your Catherine wheel needs. We only stock Catherine wheels that are of high quality and guaranteed to elevate your fireworks display. With a mixture of colours, sounds, and effects, these wheels spin and dazzle in equal measure. Add in the competitive pricing, where you’ll spend less than £10 per wheel, and there’s no reason not to shop with us!

Of course, we also specialise in all things fireworks. We’re ideal for picking up a bundle of rockets and cakes alongside your Catherine wheel. Want some advice about which direction to take with your display? Our experts can assist you with everything relating to Catherine wheels and other fireworks!