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Complete Displays: 5 Minutes


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Complete Displays: 5 Minutes

A firework display doesn’t have to go on forever for it to leave a lasting impression. That is evidenced by our 5-minute complete displays. With not as much time to play with compared to the longer display packages we offer, that means these displays have to pack in even more over less time!

At Galactic Fireworks, we have a range of 5-min firework display for sale – as seen on this very page! With so many options available, you can find the ideal firework solution for your event.

What is a 5-minute complete firework display?

A complete firework display is one that includes a large collection of high-quality, powerful fireworks. As the name implies, this is deemed a ‘complete’ package – aka one that features everything you need for a firework extravaganza. As for the 5-minute aspect, this is again self-explanatory. These displays are intended to last for approximately five minutes in total, from the first firework to the last one. 

Due to the short burst of explosions needed from a range of fireworks, A 5-min firework display is typically made up of cakes. These cakes only require a single ignition, where they then go through the process of setting off multiple fireworks, one by one, without any further influence. Some of our complete fireworks display kits also include a sprinkling of high-powered rockets for an even bigger bang!

5 minutes may not seem that long for a fireworks display. However, this duration is longer than a lot of standard kits and singular firework options like Roman candles and cakes. It can be the perfect length of time for certain public events and celebrations. For example, guests might not appreciate a 30-minute display while at a wedding – unless it’s relegated to the background. With a 5-min firework display, however, it takes the starring role. With so many fireworks made up of so many bursts of light and sounds, it’s impossible not to be mesmerised by the spectacle.

Even with so much crammed into just five minutes, one of the best aspects of a 5-minute display is its simplicity. You don’t have to strategize and come up with your own custom firework display. There’s no purchasing separate rockets, cakes, and so on. Everything that’s required is found within your display box, and that includes instructions for when to fire each firework!

Is 5 minutes enough? Our other display firework options

Aside from our 5-minute options, we have many different display fireworks for sale. Are you unsure if 5 minutes is enough for your planned event? If so, you may want to consider one of the following options we have available:

  • 10 minute firework display: If you feel doubling the length of time for the firework festivities would be more suitable, our 10-minute options are the ideal fit. These strike a great balance of still being relatively brief in length but long enough to keep everyone entertained and not asking for more.
  • 15 minute firework display: Our mid-length complete firework display is found with our 15-minute choices. While 5-min displays are primarily built around cake fireworks, you will generally find a greater mix with their 15-minute counterparts. That means they can incorporate everything from rockets to sparklers.
  • 20 minute firework display: The next step is our 20-minute selection of complete displays. These further diversify and mix things up, helping to maximise the length of time for the display.
  • 30 minute firework display: For the longest display type we have available, look no further than our 30-minute options. These pack in lots and lots of fireworks, giving you a spectacle that doesn’t let up for half an hour! This is great when you are planning an extravaganza that nobody will forget.

Just keep in mind that while these are the recommended duration times, you ultimately have control over their length. For instance, if you decide to make any extended pauses between the fireworks in a 5-minute display, it can easily go on for longer. However, for the sake of flow, it’s best to go with a complete display set that fits best with one of the above categories.

What are the benefits of a 5-minute complete display?

There’s a reason why we offer 5-min firework display boxes for sale: they are one of the best options available for those who desire a spectacular, intense fireworks show. Let us go over the main benefits below to highlight why that’s the case.

Short yet packed with excitement

It’s true: when compared to our other complete display packs, the 5-minute option is the one that’s done in the quickest amount of time. However, don’t see this as a lack of content. In fact, it’s very much the opposite. In general, you get a larger number of shots per minute with a 5-minute display than any of the longer ones.

To use an example, take the Supercharger Pack that falls under the 5-minute category. This includes an impressive 100 shots in total – that’s 20 per minute! In comparison, our popular Garden Glitter Pack is a 15-minute display that includes 118 shots. While still a great number, that’s less than 10 shots per minute.

Simply put, 5-minute displays don’t have less content than their counterparts. They just pack in more with less time.

Value for money

Our 5-min firework display for sale UK options are not the cheapest. We’re fine with admitting that, particularly when you see our cheapest 5-minute complete displays currently sit at £149.99. Although that is a sizeable outlay for fireworks, you are still getting an incredible return on your investment. Ultimately, you are not receiving a more action-packed, impressive display for the money.

All the work is done

Okay, maybe not all the work. You still have to set up the fireworks and ignite the fuses. However, there’s no worrying about picking the right fireworks. There’s no confusion about configuring these fireworks for maximum impact. When you buy one of the 5-min firework display boxes for sale at Galactic Fireworks, you get everything you need in one package. You get all the fireworks. You also get complete instructions, including the firing order for all the fireworks.

Make your pick

We have numerous 5-minute firework complete displays on sale at Galactic. As a result, you’re not restricted to just one or two options. You have the freedom to pick the one that best fits your needs and budget. Want a pack that is made up exclusively of cake fireworks? Maybe you want to throw some rockets into the mix? Whatever is best, you can make the decision.

Created for public events

While 5-minute firework displays can make for a spectacular showing at a private family gathering, they truly shine when used for public events. From Bonfire Night celebrations to bringing the perfect end to a wedding reception, the large-scale nature of these complete displays instantly elevate events to another level.

Setting up a 5-minute complete display

With any 5-min firework display for sale at Galactic Fireworks, we do most of the work on your behalf. That even includes getting your fireworks to you through our dedicated delivery service! However, there is one part where we can’t directly help: setting up your complete display. We can do the next best thing and give you advice on how to do this successfully.

Securing your fireworks is of the utmost importance. With a cake firework, this depends on the ground. When you’re working on grass, it is recommended you dig a little hole for the cake to sit in. This can be further supported by taping the firework to a stake that has been wedged into the ground. Working on concrete? In this case, bricks placed on all sides of the cake will keep it in place.

Rocket fireworks are similar, although a little different due to their structure. You will need a launch tube for the rocket’s stick to rest in. The stick should remain loose while sitting in the tube. This ensures it shoots off into the sky without anything holding it back – quite literally.

Safety is essential when setting up and enjoying your 5-minute complete display. Make sure all spectators observe the safety distance, which is between 8-25 metres depending on the firework’s category. While cakes are one of the safest firework options, you also shouldn’t be careless when igniting these for launch. Use a long lighter to keep your hands out of any potential danger.

Buy your 5-min firework display from Galactic Fireworks

As the leading 5-min firework display for sale UK providers, there’s no better place to get your fireworks than at Galactic Fireworks! We offer the best 5-minute display kits for a number of reasons. They’re value for money, they are made up of high-quality fireworks, and they have been perfectly configured to deliver the most spectacular showing you can buy at these prices.

Aside from delivering the best in terms of products, we match this with our customer service. We always prioritise your satisfaction. Whether this is getting your fireworks to you on time or answering any of your enquiries, we are always here to help and make your experience a positive one.