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Complete Displays


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Cube Fireworks
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Cube Fireworks
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Galactic Fireworks
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Complete Displays

Level up your fireworks game with our complete displays! Rather than attempt to take on the challenge of crafting your own fireworks display, these packs supply you with everything necessary to produce an extravagant, exciting demonstration of vibrant colours, effects, and sounds.

As the leading supplier of complete firework display packs, Galactic Fireworks is the only place you need to visit in the UK for your firework needs. Our experts have taken the necessary care to put together packs that are not only full to the brim with high-quality fireworks, but they also result in a showcase that will live long in the memory.

What is a complete display?

A complete display is exactly what you’d expect based on its name. As with our firework boxes and packs, a complete display incorporates everything you require to put on an impressive show. Think rockets, cakes, Roman candles, fountains, and the like. You might even get a pack or two of sparklers thrown in for good measure. This comprehensive collection of fireworks means one thing: you are able to put on a large-scale display with ease.

The ease part enters the equation due to our part in the process. When you search for ‘display fireworks for sale’, UK suppliers don’t come any better than Galactic. This is due to the work we put into each display pack. Our meticulous approach, done with many years of experience behind us, ensures you receive everything necessary for a fireworks show that dazzles and delights. Aside from the fireworks themselves, we also provide clear instructions for setting everything up.

All you have to do is set up the fireworks and fire!

We have an assortment of firework display boxes for sale. Despite each one incorporating lots of different high-quality fireworks, prices begin from just £149.99. To put it into perspective, one of our £149.99 packs, the Panther Bag, includes a whopping 11 cakes in total – enough for a large-scale display that’s fitting for many different occasions. However, if you want to truly go all out and even put to shame professional firework display companies, we have bumper options such as the Nemesis Display Pack and Compound Crazy Pack, the latter of which features an incredible 54 items in total for a 30-minute display!

Touching on the latter point, length is a big element of what makes our complete display packs so popular. You’re not buying a display that will be over as soon as it begins. These are kits that are built to last. Some are designed to last five minutes, whereas others can stretch to 20 and even 30 minutes in total. Either way, you are getting plenty in return for the money spent.

What are the Benefits of Complete Firework Displays?

Before you decide to buy a complete firework display for sale, you might be curious about the specific advantages gained from going this route. Let us help clear that up for you. Here are the advantages of opting for a complete firework display:

Go all out with your display

They’re not called a complete display by accident. These kits pack in everything required to create a spectacular show for your spectators. From firework cakes to rockets and Roman candles to fountains, these display packs include a wide assortment of products. Yet it’s not volume for the sake of it. In kits supplied by us, each firework is high-quality, with impressive performance levels alongside dependable reliability.

Extended displays

Are you sick of purchasing firework packs where, after all the prepping and anticipation, the display is over after a matter of seconds? That’s something you don’t experience with a complete display. Even our most budget-friendly options are built to last, where you can expect at least five minutes of continual firework fun.

As an example of an extended display where you truly get value for money, take a look at our Garden Glitter Pack. Coming in with a low £179.99 price tag for a complete display, this pack is estimated to last for approximately 16 minutes. That’s a lot of shots, a lot of colours, and a lot of effects to mesmerise and captivate your audience.

Value for money

When looking at display fireworks for sale, you may realise there are no truly budget options. For example, you can pick up certain firework rockets and selection boxes for less than what you’d spend at a takeaway. However, don’t confuse this with not getting value for money when purchasing display fireworks. Some of our packs supply you with savings of 100% or more compared to the RRP when products are purchased separately.

Everything done for you

Sit back and relax. That’s because, with our help, you can avoid the stress of putting together your own optimised, impressive fireworks display. Our complete display kits are built for convenience. They are carefully crafted to cover every aspect someone would expect from a blockbuster fireworks spectacle. Not only that, but there’s no guesswork involved – we provide instructions for setting up your fireworks with each complete display package.

Assortment of options

As you can see on this page, there are many different complete display fireworks for sale at Galactic Fireworks. This choice means you won’t have any issues finding the ideal collection of fireworks for your event. You can keep it easy and stick with a collection that’s solely based around cake fireworks. You may want to raise the decibel levels with a noisy fireworks collection. You could also decide to go with a display box that includes every type of firework you can imagine, delivering ultimate variety for your celebrations.

Built for public events

When you consider the sheer size and power of our complete display firework boxes, there are few other options that can compare when you want fireworks to enhance your public event. They’re a popular choice when it comes to traditional New Year’s and Bonfire Night celebrations, allowing your event to stand out even when other fireworks are being launched all around you.

However, that’s only scratching the surface. A local authority display, festivals, wedding celebrations – you think of a public event, and our display firework boxes can elevate it to the next level. Pound for pound, our spectacular displays outperform even those put on by professional firework display companies. As a result, you can pull out all the stops without having to blow a hole through your budget.

Display fireworks and staying safe

You’ve looked through the firework display boxes for sale in our store. You have ordered the one that best matches your requirements. While the excitement will be building as you wait for your fireworks to be delivered, it’s crucial you take a step back and place a primary emphasis on safety.

Whether your event is entertaining family and friends, work colleagues, or the general public, you must keep everyone safe as they enjoy the firework display. Additionally, if you’re the one handling the fireworks themselves, you also need to make the necessary moves to avoid potential hazards.

Setting up your fireworks is the first step. This can alter depending on which products you are using. With rocket fireworks, it is recommended you use a launch tube. The rocket’s stick is inserted into the tube, where it is kept stabilised ready for the fuse to be lit. For a cake firework, on the other hand, it is wise to attach this to a stake via tape. The stake will be wedged into the ground. Alternatively, if you’re setting up on concrete, you can secure the cake by pressing bricks up against each side of the firework.

A complete display typically comes with a wide assortment of fireworks. As a result, it’s likely you will want to get everything set up and organised before you ignite the first rocket, Roman candle, or cake. When doing so, account for enough space between each firework so no accidental premature ignitions occur.

It is recommended you use a long lighter when igniting the fuse of each firework. When this lighter is held at arm’s length, it minimises the possibility of burns when the fuse lights up. Once lit, make sure to stand back based on the rules for the category of your fireworks. This distance is between 8-25 metres. Of course, this distance also applies to all of those in your audience.

Galactic Fireworks: The #1 destination for complete displays

When hunting for complete display fireworks for sale, UK sellers don’t come any better than Galactic Fireworks. Those are not just hollow words. We also have the evidence to back it up. With years of experience in the fireworks trade, we have been able to fine-tune and improve our offerings. If you see a firework display for sale on our website, you can be guaranteed it has been put together with ample care and attention. It also only incorporates high-quality fireworks that are known for their reliability and performance.

Need help with selecting the right complete display for your event? Perhaps you want to learn more about our other products, such as Catherine Wheels? Give us a nudge, and we’ll be happy to provide any advice you need!