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Complete Displays: Medium


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Complete Displays: Medium

Get more out of your fireworks display with our 20-minute showcases. Galactic Fireworks specialises in offering the best 20-min firework display options across the United Kingdom, and this has been achieved by our dedication to continually improve and optimise our kits. With high-quality fireworks and careful consideration given to their style and fire order, rely on us to deliver a spectacular display for your event!

This duration time is one the most popular with our customers, which is why you won’t struggle to find a 20-min firework display for sale that hits the mark. We have numerous options available on this very page, ensuring there’s something that aligns with your budget and personal tastes.

What is a 20-minute complete firework display?

A 20-minute complete firework display is a large-scale production that incorporates a vast selection of quality, powerful fireworks that can keep everyone entertained for a full 20 minutes. After all, 20 minutes is a long time to keep your eyes pointed towards the night sky. Our displays are ‘complete’ in more ways than one, with a primary focus on delivering a varied spectacle that mixes up the colours, patterns, and noises to stimulate your senses.

To make this a reality, we need to use the right fireworks for the occasion. This is built around a combination of our two most popular firework types: cakes and rockets. Cakes deliver multiple shots from a single ignition, making them both easy to use and effective for lighting up the night sky. Although to truly create a sky-filling explosion, look no further than the power-packed rockets you’ll find as part of our 20-minute display.

Lots of fireworks are a must when putting together a display that lasts 20 minutes. That’s why our most affordable 20-minute option, the Ultimate Garden Pack, is overflowing with an incredible 67 items in total! This type of selection and variety ensures your display delivers in every way possible.

Have you ever thought about the amount of work required to put on a 20-minute firework display? Take it from us – it’s a lot of work! You have to source and purchase all of the fireworks; you have to work out how these will be organised for a coherent display. Then, you have to set everything up – the list goes on. With a complete display pack from Galactic Fireworks, setting up is all you have to focus on. Our expertise supplies you with the foundation – and the fireworks and instructions – for a successful launch!

What are the benefits of a 20-minute complete firework display?

If you’re going to the effort of putting on a fireworks show, you want it to be impressive. You want it to not only feel like you got your money’s worth, but you also want to astonish those spectating the show. Fortunately, all of those goals can be achieved with a 20-minute complete firework display. The reasons why are highlighted by the following benefits:

A premium duration

The best firework displays don’t come and go after a couple of minutes. They’re lengthy productions, ones that continue to inspire and delight those watching with a dazzling mix of sounds, effects, and colours. When purchasing a 20-min firework display for sale, UK residents are able to achieve that premium feel in terms of duration – all without needing the assistance of a professional firework display company.

High-quality fireworks

A long run time isn’t worth anything if the fireworks are a disappointment. The good news is that’s not something you have to worry about with the 20-minute complete displays we have put together. Quality is of the utmost importance to us, and that’s why we only use fireworks from the UK’s most reputable, trusted manufacturers. Whether you are setting off a rocket, cake, or any other firework type, be prepared for a stunning visual and audio treat!

Created for convenience

Every 20-min firework display for sale at Galactic Fireworks is constructed for convenience. We want to help our customers avoid going through the stressful situation of purchasing and organising their own bespoke fireworks display. With our complete display packs, everything you need is included in a single package. All of the fireworks. All of the instructions. By lifting this burden off your shoulders, you are able to enjoy the experience of conducting the display and enjoying it with everyone else.

Make your public event stand out

There are different ways to put together a memorable public event. You can serve great food or provide unique entertainment. However, there’s one sure-fire way of grabbing the attention of your guests in all the right ways: a firework display. This is certainly the situation with a 20-minute firework bonanza. These kits are full of excitement and wonder, and their premium quality helps to elevate your event to that same premium standard.

Is a 20-minute firework display the right fit for your event?

As highlighted above, there are many reasons to opt for a complete display that lasts 20 minutes. However, this is only one of the many display fireworks for sale you can find at Galactic Fireworks. Before you decide to settle on 20 minutes, make sure you consider the pros for all other choices we provide:

  • 5 minute firework display: When compared to a 20-min firework display, you might wonder if it’s even worth going for just 5 minutes. Yet this display is one of the most intense, exciting options you can opt for despite its short run time. You’re not getting a reduction in fireworks and shots with a 5-minute kit. Instead, you’re getting a more concentrated experience with a much higher shot rate per minute.
  • 10 min firework display: Even though it effectively doubles the duration, a 10-minute display isn’t too dissimilar from the aforementioned 5-minute type. You will still see a primary focus on cake fireworks due to their rapid-fire rate and only requiring a single ignition.
  • 15 minute firework display: To further stretch the time compared to 5 and 10-minute displays, these 15-minute showcases bring a greater mix of fireworks into proceedings. More rockets are typically found in 15-minute packs, with these show-stealers eating up a lot more time per shot than cakes. You may also find a surprise or two, like the inclusion of sparklers.
  • 30 minute firework display: 20-minute displays are long, but they’re not the longest we provide. That accolade goes to our 30-minute complete firework displays. Featuring an abundance of fireworks, including some of the most epic rockets and inventive cakes found anywhere, a 30-minute display offers a big-budget production without needing to spend a big budget.

All of the times for these complete firework displays are approximations. Take your time between igniting each firework, and the duration can be significantly extended.

Set up your 20-minute display the right way

Although we like to help in every possible way, sadly, we can’t come over and set up your firework display for you. We can give you handy instructions, of course, but the actual task is down to you to complete. Fortunately, it’s not a task that is difficult – although you have to take the necessary precautions to minimise possible hazardous situations.

Getting ready for launch

Pick a spot to set up your fireworks. You’ll need a big enough area where you can set up all of your fireworks ready for launch. Make sure the fireworks are spaced out enough from one another to prevent any premature ignitions.

On grass, you can insert a stake into the ground next to each firework. This helps with supplying stability. How? By taping a cake firework around a stake, you’ll prevent it from moving or falling over. For rockets, you can secure the launch tube to the stake for similar reasons and to ensure it fires straight up into the sky. Rain can be an issue when working on grass. If the ground is wet or damp, place a wooden board underneath each firework to prevent water damage.

Rain isn’t as much of a problem when on concrete. However, you have to change up how you keep fireworks secure. Bricks or any other applicable heavy objects can be used to keep them stable and in place. Simply press these objects up against the fireworks/launch tube.

Staying safe

There are many points to consider in terms of fireworks and safety. Maintaining a safe distance is one such point, as is making sure you don’t stand next to a lit firework – even if it hasn’t launched as expected. Make sure to consult the instructions for step-by-step instructions on how to keep you and your audience safe.

Galactic Fireworks: The #1 Choice for 20-minute complete firework displays

When on the hunt for a 20-min firework display for sale, UK suppliers cannot compete with the quality and commitment of Galactic Fireworks. As the leading online fireworks store, we take pride in offering the best products at competitive prices. That’s the case with our carefully curated 20-minute complete firework displays.

Whether it’s for Bonfire Night or a wedding reception, let us help you leave a lasting impression with an unforgettable firework display!