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Cake Packs

Firework Cakes Pack, packs of cakes/ barrages.

Here is our selection of ready-made firework cakes packed into handy multi-shot firework packages. These make a convenient base for your firework display; you can build on top of that to create your own bespoke bonfire night party!

Each shot cake in a pack has multiple tubes, emitting multiple shots of effects and colours. We offer a variety of packages, too, ranging in price, from a collection of single ignition firework barrages to a lovely display of smaller, cheap fireworks. A range of fireworks to suit all budgets.

Firework barrages and cakes are a type of firework where each one will emit a various number of shots; you get loud fireworks, quiet fireworks, garden fireworks with a safety distance of 8 metres, and display fireworks that will stun even the biggest crowds.

I would recommend that you watch the videos of each cake pack; there’s even a selection we've put together or compound cakes, meaning that there's something for everyone.

Detonation Cake Pack (6) -Cube Fireworks