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Firework Attributes:

100 Shots
46cm × 34cm × 20cm
Cat 3
Duration 80s
Weight 9.5kg
Explosive Weight 880g


As one of our very own high-performance cakes manufactured here at Galactic, you can be sure that the Tornado delivers quality in abundance. A truly unique, 100-shot fanned cake, this enormous firework is one that will leave your audience mesmerised.

Consisting of a series of beautiful torbillion shots, this cake fires silver spinning trails across the sky in a zig-zag formation. This creates a truly magical effect – and one that doesn’t rely on noise. The Tornado is so quiet, but it will still leave such a lasting impression.

At Galactic, we like to use the Tornado as the penultimate cake in our displays. By using its lower tempo to lull the audience into a false sense of security, you can then follow this firework with a truly explosive finale. 

5 Reviews
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29 August 2016


I love this cake, works very well for slowing down a display before going big for a Finale. Also works very well when fired together with a screaming cake, like the Thunderking!

6 October 2014

The Tornado...

What can I say??

Such a unique piece that would be a fantastic to add to any sized display.
If your neighbours don't like fireworks "cause they are too loud" then this is the piece for you.
Firing in almost complete silence, the comet torbillions (I guess) look stunning, filling the sky from left to right, from right to left. Just breathtaking.
I'm glad I've got one in my BFN display.

21 September 2014

Galactic Tornado Cake

This firework is QUALITY;a nice slow paced spinning tourbillion cake without excessive noise that's ideal for a low noise display where you have to keep the decibels low and muted, OR as part of a wedding display it gives the guests ears a pleasant break before you assault their eyes and ears with something noisy and spectacular for your finale! Great firework.

14 September 2014

something different

Have seen this fired and its certainly something different with huge silver swirls reaching high into the night sky- Nice how it picks up pace at the end too- a good firework to have before a finale as its quiet, your audience can then appreciate a loud big finale afterwards!

13 September 2014

A Pyromaniacs Dream

Well I hope you don't mind but I decided to review a couple of fireworks myself (yes I own Galactic Fireworks) but I think anyone who knows me will tell you I love fireworks and I mean I love them! So I feel I should be able to review a few. My few reviews are my honest and truthful opinions but if you don't trust me just ignore this review.

2 whole minutes of white tourbillions. I try so very hard to find effects that are not all the same old bang bang bang :( and here we have a firework that will most definitely appeal to the more professional pyromaniac. I like to take people on a roller coast ride of fireworks when doing a display so for this reason I recommend the Tornado to be set off as the 3rd form the last firework as it will completely bring your audience back down to a low level with there ears relaxing before you hot them with the last couple of things you fire that have to knock there socks off.

A Pyromaniacs dream that I feel will unfortunately sell out way before Bon Fire Night