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Real Steel

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Firework Attributes:

107 Shots
46cm × 28cm × 22cm
Cat 3
Duration 54s
Weight 8.4kg
Explosive Weight 960g

Real Steel

Real Steel is, without a doubt, the most underrated firework made by the wonderful Brothers Pyrotechnics. Whenever you fire it, you will simply be left standing open-mouthed whilst marvelling at the stunning beauty and quality of this cake.

Delivering 107 stunning shots throughout its firing time, Real Steel begins with some gorgeous red pearls and white comet trails. The latter of these burst into jaw-dropping purple and gold willow bursts.

After around 20 seconds, these effects begin to alternate with red star bursts and gold trails. Then, halfway through, things really begin to step up a notch. Kicking off and really flexing its muscles, Real Steel starts to fire rapid zig-zag fanned red pearls with white trails high into the sky.

In the process, a series of brilliant white spinning tourbillions are produced. Through these, purple and red golden willow bursts subsequently rise. The finale then sees the whole cake culminate with a mesmerising fanned volley of pure golden willow bursts.

For some reason, this stunning piece doesn’t get the recognition it deserves but trust us when we say it delivers in abundance. A worthy contender for the title held by Hercules, this was actually named by our very own Nigel.

8 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
4 September 2016


One of my favorites this one, very big effects, starts off slow single shot and builds up into Z firing madness.

4 September 2016

Everything you want in a firework

Like many others I think this is my favourite firework due to its pacing as well as the fantastic range of effects.
It really does seem ramp up to a great finale, but I'd also recommend it if you just want one big firework that does a lot of everything.

4 September 2016

Real steel

If you are looking for the complete firework then look no further. It is a real stunner that has every effect you could wish for and the colours are just amazing. Whether it be a stand alone firework or used as your finale you definitely won't be disappointed.

25 August 2015

best firework!

This , for me, is my favourite firework. It is exquisite in its colour and design and definitely has the 'awesome' factor. I can't rate this highly enough, it is an uplifting experience to see it!

25 August 2015

Real steel

Nice pice of kit if it your price range fills the sky up.

12 September 2014

My favourite firework. EVER

This is it. For me it doesn't get any better.
Sure it's a lot to spend on one piece, but if you want something that will literally blow your friends away. This Is It!

The first half is fairly normal, lovely colour bursts, but then........ Whizz Boom Bang
It goes mental!!!

Trust me, if you've got £80 to spend, buy one of these! You will not be disappointed.

Is there a way of giving it 6 stars???

11 September 2014

Big, Loud, Impressive, Exciting

This firework fills the sky with its magic. It tricks you into thinking it will be boring with the slow red pearls. All of a sudden, bang bang bang, super speedy surprising stars before the crazyness starts. What a unique piece. Love it.

11 September 2014

A gret finale cake

This cake is perfect for a finale it has massive breaks from the start and builds up with fanned firing ending with a sky full of dragon eggs.

It would be perfect as a new years eve cake or a one off cake to really give an awesome display.