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Molotov Cocktail

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Firework Attributes:

11 Shots
16cm × 16cm × 16cm
Cat 3
Duration 10s
Weight 1.7kg
Explosive Weight 265g

Molotov Cocktail

A great way to start any display is with a low noise quiet fountain, then you suddenly make your audience jump out of their skin with an almighty BOOM! This wicked mine cake erupts producing 10 sky filling bangs all at once.

We have two different mines from Primed both similar and yet different, the other is called Tequila Slammer (click here) if this is something you like. I know this type of mines is very popular with our pyromaniacs out there.

1 Review
100% of reviewers said YES
4 November 2019

Seriously impressive

This is a little beast! I prefer to try different fireworks, however i'll always get this.
If you want to make your audience jump and a "woah wasn't expecting that" This will do it, easily! The noise it makes as it erupts insane!

I prefer this to other dump only cakes due to the mine effect, which dies down and goes quiet for a few seconds, then it goes off, The way this fires is perfect!