Hurricane 24 shot

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Firework Attributes:

24 Shots
14cm × 11cm × 10cm
Cat 3
Duration 33s
Weight 0.8kg
Explosive Weight 208g

Hurricane 24 shot

Coming from Brothers Pyrotechnics, the 24-shot Hurricane cake is an affordable way to take things up a notch at any type of garden display. Firing 24 straight shots throughout a running time of just over 30 seconds, it delivers outstanding value for money.

The cake consists of a series of silver pearls which are launched in quick succession. These burst into silver and red palms with red glittering stars. This is a heavy one for its size and it certainly finishes with a bang too.

Part of a range of three similar cakes from Brothers, Hurricane continues to earn excellent reviews from our regular customers. Order yours now!

2 Reviews
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2 October 2014

hurricane 24 shot

lovely colorful cake with big bursts 24 shot i think this cake would be a great complement as a finale to many medium sized selection boxes

11 September 2014


i love this one it shoots to a great height and the breaks are beautiful