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Gaffa Tape

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Firework Attributes:

Gaffa Tape

Giant Roll of Gaffa Tape that is 50mm wide and 50 metres long. Ideal for securing your fireworks to a post, stake or similar.

5 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
11 September 2014

great tape

this stuff ensures safe shooting of fireworks just grad a few wooden stakes and tape the firework to the stakes to ensure safe firing great strong stuff

11 September 2014

I love this stuff

I am not sure what else I can say about it, Gaffa tape is brilliant in my line of work. It is fantastic for fastening fireworks to stakes.

11 September 2014

So many uses

I cannot believe how many uses I have found for this stuff.

Since becoming a real man and keeping a roll with me all the time I have found so many uses such as:
- Securing fireworks to stakes in the ground
- Fixing broken things
- Taping down cables
- Taping up annoying people's mouths
- Wrapping it around your feet if you cannot afford shoes
- Wrapping it around yourself if you cannot afford clothes
- Tying up people for kinky time
- Tying yourself up for hostage escape practice
And many many more!
Buy it and see what uses you can come up with!

10 September 2014

Gaffa don't-tape, more like

This tape is rubbish for sex slaves!
Gets 5 stars though, because it does pull crumbs out of my beard, and lifts DNA from the crime scene.

10 September 2014

Sticky Stuff!

This is without a doubt the best duct tape money can buy.
Whether you need it to keep your car bumper on, secure fireworks to a stake or simply keep that sex slave tied up securely in the basement, this is the stuff for the job!

A word of warning though, over use will give you grand delusions of "lumber jack" levels of manliness which may require you to grow a "manly beard" which can be hard at times when friends and family are confused about your grooming techniques! But what am I saying, it's not hard as you don't have feelings, You're a man for godsake!