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Firework Attributes:

25 Shots
16cm × 16cm × 17cm
Cat 2
Duration 30s
Weight 2kg
Explosive Weight 345g


Be amazed as Excalibur is drawn from the lake and the legend is taken up again to defend the realm.

Excalibur gives a thick brocade trunk tail with a dazzling orange mine, this is alongside silver flashing strobe peonies.

We have a range of fireworks from Viper and I really need to stress that these fireworks were built to the very highest standard. They really are unbelievable with each and every tube is packed with the very best pyro powder that money can buy. Hand on heart you really won't be disappointed.

3 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
14 May 2020


Great big Mine lifts followed by massive bursts of a great strobe, what's not to love?
Viper quality through and through.

14 May 2020

Huge Breaks

Remarkable firework that has huge breaks for the size. Tubes are packed with powder that burst to nice strobe effects! Was very surprised with how this firework performed considering the size!

13 May 2020

Serioulsy Unbeliveable

Well, this is not really a review of this one cake. I was told to buy the whole set of 6 Viper cakes by Harry these being.

Merlin - Excalibur - Flying Ants - Battlestar - Achilles and Zeus

I have been into my fireworks for a good few years now and I have to say these were by far the best quality I have ever witnessed. Roll on Bonfire Night as I will be most definitely buying these plus more Viper products.

I think if I had to vote one my very favourite it would have to be this one Excalibur, label says Escalibur LOL