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Firework Attributes:

Mixed Firing Pattern
90 Shots
29cm × 19cm × 12cm
Cat 2
Duration 50s
Weight 3.5kg
Explosive Weight 326g


Whats an absolute belter we have here in the Conquest. A fast-paced 90 shot cake firing in both straight and fanned formations.

Beginning by firing red and silver strobed bursts high into the sky before transitioning into a huge fanned spread of gold silver and green.

Finally it has these awesome golden plumes of crackle that rise up in a zig-zag pattern before finishing off with an ear-piercing screaming swarm of bees alongside a colourful crackle.

I've never disbelieved the powder weights on fireworks until watching Conquest. There is no way is this 326gms, its got to be 500+ surely