Champagne Fizz

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Firework Attributes:

30 Shots
39cm × 26cm × 22cm
Cat 3
Duration 23s
Weight 4.8kg
Explosive Weight 600g

Champagne Fizz

An absolutely breathtaking firework, stunning banks of fizzing trails fire from both left and right producing enormous crackling golden palms that just drape across the sky.

This particular firework was my 2016 best new firework bar none. I’m not sure if anything will top it in 2017 but seriously I guarantee this firework is absolutely stunning.

1 Review
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5 January 2017

The most stunning firework of my display

I had around a dozen fireworks from Galactic Fireworks for bonfire night, If I'm being honest I had in total about 30 fireworks as I bought some from elsewhere. I am being so honest when I say the ones from Galactic where by far the best of the night.

The Champagne Fizz was the most stunning firework I have ever seen, three great big crackling columns that go to a massive height. This firework does need to be secured before firing so think about that.