Angel Dust

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Firework Attributes:

20 Shots
12cm × 9cm × 10cm
Cat 2
Weight 460g
Explosive Weight 120g

Angel Dust

Pyromaniacs of the world celebrate as Brothers have given us a truly wicked small cake that erupts with a mine effect producing a dazzling peackcocks tail of golden angel dust rising to around 25ft in height. Is very rare to find a pure mine effect cake.

3 Reviews
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9 February 2017

Yay! Something different.

Not many decent mine cakes around. This is such a big impact for such a small package. If you have kids who don't know fireworks then set this off just after a couple of quiet fountains and before any noisy stuff. Multiples angled are very spectacular. Highly recommended.

27 October 2016

Fantastic value mine cake

Really great cat 2 mine effect cake. 20 shots of golden dust tipped with sequenced blue, green, red, gold and crackles. A big show for such a small cake.

26 October 2016

keeps the mrs happy

if my fireworks are too loud the mrs complains
if my fireworks are quiet she complains there boring

so when I showed her this I was happy because she was happy lots of oooooosssss and ahhhhs for this little gem its a must have