4 Cue Firing System

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4 Cue Firing System


Number of Cues - 4
Power - 4 x AA Batteries, 1 x A23 (Remote)
Range - 100 metres / 330 feet
Dimensions - 106mm x 72mm x 37mm
Weight - 98g

This 4 cue firing system is perfect for fireworks, pyrotechnics and rocketry. Using our E-Match igniters (SOLD SEPERATELY) you can use this system to fire CAT2 and CAT3 fireworks by clipping on to the visco safety fuse.

The 12 button remote has an on/off switch to avoid any accidental firings.

We have decided to now include the 4 x AA batteries and the 1 x A23 Battery as customers seem to prefer this.

Please see our seperate listings for various length e-matches to use with this system

2 Reviews
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30 August 2016

Great for your finale

I love lighting stuff by hand using my Rothy, but when it comes to lighting multiple fireworks particularly at the end of your show then these are great.

Finale all wired up and you can remotely detonate it and enjoy the show.

29 August 2016

Good start

These small 4 cue systems are a great way to start yourself on a road to remote firing! Very simple to use and also very reliable when used correctly. Great way to impress friends at a small garden display, set it all up before hand then stand with your crowd and fire at the press of a button!