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Other Pyro

Take a second to browse our website, and you’ll see we have a wide selection of products available. Firework boxes and packs, rockets, cakes – you think of a firework type, and we have it in stock. We also have an assortment of firework-related products that don’t quite fit into our other categories – and that is what this page covers.

We have various pyro for sale. These products include Fun Snaps, sparklers, and party candles. While they might not bring the same level of excitement as fireworks, they are a welcome accompaniment that can get people more involved with the celebrations. Featuring low prices across the board, it doesn’t take much to add something different – and memorable – to your event!

What is other pyro?

We class other pyro as any items that are related to fireworks but don’t fall under one of the standard categories we use – such as complete displays, rockets, and firework cakes and barrages. As a result, there are numerous other pyros for sale at Galactic. These products include Catherine wheels, sparklers, fountains, Roman candles, and more.

Some of these items, such as Roman candles and fountains, are not too dissimilar from standard fireworks. Due to this, they can play a great supporting role as part of a full-scale fireworks display. Items like Fun Snaps and sparklers add an element of interactivity to proceedings, giving younger guests even more excitement during your firework celebrations!

If you browse this page and see the other pyro for sale, there’s one thing that is likely to strike you: the affordable prices. Products under this category start at just £0.59, and more than half are less than £10. This affordability means they are great as a side addition when placing an order for fireworks.

What other pyros do you sell?

We have many other pyros for sale here at Galactic. To give you an idea about the selection up for grabs, let us go through each category in a little detail:

  • Fountains: Fountains are ground-based fireworks that are reminiscent of their namesake. Once ignited, fountains erupt and create a continual shower of sparks and stars, which is then joined by whistling and crackling sounds. Colourful, pretty, impressive – these are great for any garden display. Big, small, and everything in between, we offer an assortment of fountains to match your desires.
  • Ice fountains: An ice fountain is an alternative to the regular fountain-themed fireworks. While it doesn’t actually produce ice – the name comes from its appearance alone – it still creates an impressive spectacle. As it’s less intense than standard fountains, the ice variety can even be used indoors.
  • Roman candles: A Roman candle is a traditional firework that sees at least one star being ejected upwards, where it then explodes to create a colourful display with the night sky as its backdrop. Two of our Roman candles, Snappy Days and Stinging Bees, only cost £5.99 each but produce 100 shots in total. That’s just 6p per shot! Roman candles are an affordable, welcome addition to any fireworks display.
  • Catherine wheels: Another traditional choice is the Catherine wheel. It has been a fixture for hundreds of years at this stage, where its combination of beauty and simplicity has made it a staple for New Year’s, Christmas, and Bonfire Night celebrations. Simply attach it to a post or stand, and watch it spin, sparkle, and mesmerise with its various colours.
  • Sparklers: We have a nice selection of sparklers for sale. Again, these are another classic part of any Bonfire Night. Simply hold the sparkler, light the other end, and watch it spark its way down the stick. This is a much-loved classic among kids – and some adults too!
  • Smoke grenades: Don’t worry. These are not the smoke grenades used by the army! What they are, however, is a great way to add some extra colour and vibrancy to your display. Also known as smoke flares, these supply a burst of smoke that fills the surrounding air and creates a more atmospheric environment for your fireworks showcase.
  • Mines: As you may gather from the name, mines are fireworks that are based on the ground. In fact, once they first erupt, you might be wondering if you actually got a fountain firework instead. Yet this rather modest start, including low noise, can lull you into a false sense of security. That’s because these mines finish off with a giant burst of noise and colour.
  • Novelty fireworks: Our novelty fireworks are those items that are a little bit different from the norm. These include cheap and cheerful products like Fun Snaps, Devil Snaps, Crazy Balls, and Bengal Matches. These products can be picked up in bulk without adding much to your overall bill.
  • Daytime fireworks: That’s right: fireworks are not only for the night! You can grab a pack of daytime fireworks that don’t rely on the night sky for you to see. From confetti-like explosions to vibrant coloured smoke, these fireworks are built specifically for the daytime, ensuring you can see – and fully enjoy – this spectacle while the sun is shining!

What are the benefits of using other pyro?

You have seen the many different varieties of other pyro we stock here at Galactic Fireworks. However, why should you opt to purchase other pyro? Is it really worth adding a little extra to your overall bill? The following benefits detail why other pyro is an excellent option:

A cheap addition

None of our other pyro options will break the bank. If you’re not bulk buying products, the most expensive singular item is our popular Gatling Gun firework at a relatively modest £34.99. Then, at the other end of the scale, you can grab the likes of sparklers, smoke grenades, ice fountains, and multiple packs of Fun Snaps for less than a fiver.

The result: you have a cheap addition to your fireworks order. You might only spend an extra £5, £10, or £20, but you will certainly get your money’s worth and further add to the experience.

Enhance your fireworks display

Firework cakes, rockets, and the like will be the main event of any professional-grade fireworks display. However, it is important you don’t neglect the little touches, those minor details that can help to push your display to another level. Those details can be gained by using other pyro.

Of course, fountains and Roman candles won’t look out of place alongside your firework display. That’s why they can be found in some of our specially designed boxes and packs. Yet even small additions, such as Fun Snaps and sparklers, can deliver an extra dose of fun – particularly for younger guests!

Ample choice

It took you quite a while to scroll down to this part of the page, didn’t it? The reason for that is simple: the vast number of products we have available in our other pyro section! If you are planning a fireworks display, there’s going to be something that interests you under the other pyro section. Whether it is a simple pack of sparklers or a colourful smoke grenade, there’s always going to be something that can bring a little extra to your display.

Get people more involved

Are you putting on a fireworks display for a small gathering of family and friends? Maybe it’s a work event where you want to pull out all the stops? Either way, fireworks displays are a wonderful spectacle that can be enjoyed by everyone. However, it is easy for the display to be isolated from everyone else. One way to improve involvement and engagement levels is to get everyone involved.

Now, that doesn’t mean getting everyone to ignite a firework – that’s not a wise approach! What it does mean is that you can hand everyone a sparkler or pack of Devil Snaps and let them join in with the fun.

Buy all of your pyro from Galactic Fireworks

You should know this by now, but Galactic Fireworks is the #1 destination for all things fireworks. If you want to purchase firework rockets, we’re the place where you will find loads of different options. The same can be said for our cake fireworks, boxes and packs, and complete displays.

We’re also the best place to get your hands on other pyro.

These products may not have their own designated category, but that doesn’t stop us from providing them to our customers. We want everyone to put on the perfect display. If that means they require sparklers, Devil Snaps, or smoke grenades, we’re here to supply them with exactly what they need. A truly bespoke firework display is only possible if there’s no limit to the possibilities – and we make sure no shackles are holding you back.

As the UK’s foremost fireworks supplier, we also place a strong emphasis on customer service. Want to learn more about a specific pyro option? Perhaps you’d like to know which option would best complement your complete display? Whatever the question, we are ready to help and provide guidance whenever necessary!