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Low Noise

When it comes to celebrating special occasions like bonfire night or any other kind of fun celebration, fireworks are a huge element that just can’t be forgotten – if you want to make the event the best it can be, there’s really nothing like the bright lights and big bangs that light up the sky and leave people smiling from ear to ear.

Although that’s the case for a lot of people, it’s not the same for everyone, and it’s important to remember that not everyone is going to love fireworks in the same way, and some might even hate them. Why? For the most part, it will be the noise; it’s just too much for some people.

That’s where low noise fireworks come into the picture – while they might lack the big booming noise that standard fireworks have, the great thing is they more than make up for it with the gorgeous colours and patterns they produce. If you didn’t know fireworks low noise were a thing, we’re here to set the record straight so you can make the right choice for your next event.

What Are Lower Noise Fireworks?

Low noise fireworks are a fantastic alternative to traditional, noisy fireworks, and they’re specifically designed to minimise the bangs and fizzes while maximising how beautiful they look. It’s all about combining art, chemistry, and imagination to give us this amazing invention that can actually ensure many more people get to love fireworks.

Fireworks were invented in ancient China, and the idea behind them was that they’d ward off evil spirits during religious ceremonies. Because of that, they needed to be bright and loud. As time went on, it became clear that fireworks were the perfect way to accompany any kind of celebration, but not a lot changed with their design other than to make them even more colourful and give them many more patterns. Of course, that meant that the noise aspect wasn’t really considered at all, and they stayed as noisy as ever.

However, in recent years, as we’ve grown to understand more about mental health, neurodivergence, and the environment, not to mention animal welfare, low noise options are actually becoming more and more popular, and it was a real step forward when these types of firework rockets were created.

These quieter fireworks are made using innovative pyrotechnic techniques that use special chemical compounds and designs to create stunning visual effects with much less emphasis on the noise element – it’s an ideal way to ensure everyone gets the most out of the fireworks you’re lighting, and no one should have an issue with your display; they can just enjoy it as you intended.

One of the most exciting things about quiet fireworks is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes – there’s tons of variety, so you can always find the perfect solution to whatever kind of event or celebration you want to put on (and if you can’t find what you want, the expert team at Galactic Fireworks will be glad to help you). There are firework cakes, for example, that shoot out many different fireworks at once, all with low noise if that’s what you want. Plus, our firework boxes and packs can have all sorts of combinations, so you can put together your own fun – quiet – display.

Adding lower-noise fireworks into your celebration means you can just be mesmerised by the stunning colours and sparkling designs and not have to worry about loud bangs, so for those who are noise-sensitive or for the animals all around, it’s the perfect way to have fun without fear or upset. You don’t need to worry about searching up “low noise fireworks near me” for a company close by, as we deliver across the UK!

Why Are Quiet Fireworks Important?

Low noise fireworks could be the best thing you invest in if you want to create a display that everyone is going to enjoy. One of the biggest reasons for choosing these fireworks is safety, of course; traditional fireworks can pose bigger risks, especially when it comes to young children and pets – the sudden loud noises and bangs can scare them, possibly leading to accidents or at least some kind of distress (which can last for a while, and not just while the display is happening). When you do away with the noises, you’ll have a much more peaceful and calm atmosphere, and the chance of accidents will be a lot lower.

On top of this, quiet fireworks are much better for people with any kind of sensitivity to noise. Sensory sensitivity is something that’s difficult to deal with in some cases, and the more other people can do to help the people who have these issues, the better. One of the ways that definitely helps is to reduce the noise of fireworks as much as possible, and in that way, there will be less chance of anyone becoming anxious or uncomfortable. Your firework display suddenly becomes a lot more inclusive when you think about it that way, so it’s a great thing to do.

There are environmental benefits when you buy low noise fireworks as well. The standard fireworks you’ve probably used in the past release a lot of pollutants into the air, but they also contribute to noise pollution. If you lower the noise, you lower this problem, and the fireworks are, therefore, much more environmentally friendly (they also emit fewer chemicals).

What are the noise regulations (or even specific regulations linked to fireworks) like in your area? It’s likely there will be some, and if you’re not sure what they are, it’s well worth checking into them; you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the local authorities (or the law). To ensure you can do what you’re being asked to do, it’s wise to choose almost silent fireworks that don’t have a lot of bangs and blasts, especially if your display is going to go late into the night. When they’re quiet, the fireworks won’t disturb people, and that’s a positive thing to do.

Firework Safety

No matter what kind of fireworks you choose, you’ll need to be careful and ensure you’re as safe as possible when you’re using them – not just for your own sake, but for the people and property around you as well.

The first thing to do is to read the instructions from beginning to end. It’s true it’s not the most exciting read, but it is important – knowing what to do when it comes to using a specific firework means you’ll know how to reduce the chances of an accident happening, and that’s not something you should dismiss easily. Remember that every type of firework has its own set of instructions, so don’t assume you know what to do, and always read the leaflet provided.

Distance is a crucial factor, so the best thing to do is to designate a firing area and then put up a barrier so that no one can get too close. Then, have just one person responsible for lighting the fireworks so they are the only one allowed to get close. This instantly minimises the risks. As long as the person lighting the fireworks is sensible and has read what they need to do, it’s a safer option.

If you really want to make things safe, you’ll assume that something might go wrong and have safety measures and equipment around you – you could have buckets of sand or water or perhaps a fire extinguisher.  In an ideal world, you won’t need to use these at all, but it’s better to have them than to forget about them and not be able to deal with a problem if it comes up.

Choosing The Best Firework Supplier

When you’re searching for low noise fireworks near me or loud fireworks for your display or event, it’s crucial you pick the right supplier to get them from because, in that way, you can be sure your fireworks will look fantastic and be safe, no matter how little noise they actually produce.

You need to look for a supplier known for selling high-quality fireworks – like Galactic Fireworks. The fireworks must be safe, so ask about safety standards and look for marks and certifications proving the fireworks are up to all the relevant regulations they need. Sometimes, this might mean spending more (although with Galactic Fireworks, we do have some fantastic offers as well as our Galactic VIP members club for more discounts), but it's better to spend that extra money than regret it later down the line because the fireworks looked bad or weren’t safe.

It's also good to find a supplier with a wide range of low noise fireworks. You don’t want to have to settle for a small selection of boring fireworks when there are so many fantastic options out there. Look for a supplier that offers those fantastic options, and your display will look amazing.

One of the best ways to find a good supplier is to check out their reviews; read through them, and you’ll soon get the idea of whether they’re someone you want to buy from or not. Always ask questions if you’re not sure because a good supplier won’t hesitate to get back to you.

Choose Galactic Fireworks

At Galactic Fireworks, we have a wide range of excellent pyrotechnics, including some amazing fireworks low noise style, so no matter what you need or what you’re celebrating, we’re here for you – you can buy low noise fireworks from us with no problems.

Take a look at what we’ve got, and get in touch if you need to know more. We can answer all your questions and guide you to get the right fireworks, which is everything you need.