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High Noise

Fireworks are something most people love because they are usually linked to such positive, fun things. They’re all about celebration and joy, and they’re there to make people happy. Because of that, everyone knows what fireworks are, and you might even know how they work. Perhaps you even know that you can get low noise fireworks for times when you want to stay well within noise regulations – perhaps you’re in a built-up area, for example.

The question is, did you also know that you can get extremely noisy fireworks that are louder than any you’ll ever have heard before? These types of fireworks do exist, and they’re a fun and fabulous way to enhance any display or celebration – just look at the huge range we have for you, and you’ll soon see that opting for loud fireworks isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality with Galactic Fireworks.

What Are High Noise Fireworks?

Louder fireworks are a very exciting way to punctuate any fireworks display because they go far, far beyond the typical noise that fireworks make. If you thought standard firework rockets were loud, you ain’t heard nothing yet, as the saying goes! These louder fireworks really are just that – loud – and it’s a thrilling way to experience pyrotechnics in an unexpected and enjoyable way. With these, the viewers don’t just hear the explosions; they feel them as they go off, thanks to a clever combination of chemicals, other components, and careful construction – they need to be handled with care, so make sure you read the instructions thoroughly if these high noise fireworks are the ones you one to include in your event.

It’s all about how fast the explosion takes place – the faster it happens, the noisier the sound because the combustion creates high-pressure shockwaves. It’s clever, isn’t it? Using that knowledge, experts were able to come up with the loudest fireworks in the UK (that still – just about – are within guidelines) because why not? After all, if you’re going to have fireworks, you might as well have loud ones!

Higher noise fireworks come in just as many forms as standard ones. You might choose loud bangers, for example, which are small, single-shot fireworks that let out one big (very big!) bang when they’re set off. Or why not opt for firework cakes? Also known as barrages, they have lots of different tubes in them that go on at short intervals even though you only need to light the thing once (making them much safer).

Of course, for a truly loud fireworks UK performance, you can’t get much better than firework rockets. These fireworks can produce some of the loudest noises of all, but it comes at the end of the light show, so when they whizz into the air, they look gorgeous, only exploding right as the colours fade – when it comes to value for money, rockets are fantastic.

The Loudest In The UK

In the UK, there are strict regulations in place about the noise levels that fireworks can produce. Our loud fireworks absolutely push the limit of those regulations, sitting right on the edge of what’s allowed, so you know that when we say loud, we mean it.

It’s this pushing the boundaries that make noisy fireworks just so exciting and memorable, creating an experience that your guests and customers will love and talk about for a long time to come.

Why Choose High Noise Fireworks?

The loud types of fireworks you can now get are becoming very popular for many different reasons, and if you’ve been looking for some, you can rest assured that Galactic Fireworks has them for you to help you make the most spectacular displays.

In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why people seek them out – they want their firework displays to be the most amazing and impressive possible, and they want people to remember them. The louder the fireworks, the more impressive they’ll be, and when they just scoot around the edge of regulations, that’s got to be loud – so it’s got to be good. People will love your fireworks no matter what you’re celebrating or what event they’re for.

It's also important not to forget about the emotional impact that fireworks have. They’re beautiful things, so why not let people enjoy them to the fullest, with all the noise and the excitement that come with them? The loud noises are sure to stir people up and make them full of feelings and emotions, which will mean your chosen firework boxes and packs will delight them and leave a long-lasting impression.

If you really want to celebrate something, make it noisy. Make it so that everyone knows you’re happy and you’ve got positive things happening. Why not? It’s a short, sharp burst of noise that can say so much more than words ever could. That’s why fireworks are often the centrepiece of events like New Year’s Eve, Diwali, bonfire night, the Fourth of July, and so much more. Fireworks are meant to be seen, but they’re also meant to be heard, so make sure they are with the noisiest fireworks on offer from Galactic Fireworks.

With loud versions of beloved fireworks, you can make your event completely unique, and you can use them in any way you want to, ensuring that your creativity doesn’t have to be limited at all. You can use the loud types of fireworks to go off at just the right time to make an impact – remember, they don’t have to be used throughout your event. Most of the time, it’s best to just use a handful of them to punctuate the rest of the display – they’ll be more impressive that way. Therefore, think about where they’ll work best and slot them into your firework planning to surprise your watchers.

Remember Firework Safety

No matter what type of fireworks you have, from the smallest sparklers to the biggest (and loudest!) rockets, safety has to be a prime consideration, and it’s wise to know all about it before you get started and light your first firework. After all, if something went wrong and you or someone else was hurt – or there was any damage to property – you’d feel terrible, and your display would be ruined.

To prevent that and to keep everyone safe, the first thing to do is make sure you read the instructions that come with fireworks. We don’t just mean the first leaflet you find either; we mean every instruction for every firework you might use. The thing about fireworks is that to make them all do different things, they all have different ingredients, which means the way to handle and use them differs, too. Knowing how each one needs to be handled and lit – and the safety precautions recommended for each one – means that you’ll be completely prepared for anything.

You might automatically think that the fire and heat (and explosions) make fireworks dangerous, and of course, that is true. However, if you’re opting for high noise fireworks, there will be something else to think about – the sound. Ears are delicate things, and exposure to loud noises from too close a distance can be a big problem. It can cause pain and even temporary deafness, for example. To avoid that, you need to ensure people are standing at the right distance, and you might even want to suggest they bring ear defenders if they’re sensitive to sound or have hearing issues. It’s a safety precaution that can easily be missed, but when you’re dealing with loud fireworks UK products, it’s a crucial one to think about.

Make sure every child is closely supervised, and if you’re putting on a public show, you could even make it a rule that anyone under 16 has to have someone older with them before they can come to the event. In that way, you can ensure everyone is kept safe from harm because they’ll have a parent or guardian with them.

Choosing The Best Firework Supplier

When it comes to high volume fireworks, you’ll want to be sure you are getting the loudest versions of the best fireworks possible – that’s what we always offer at Galactic Fireworks, so you can trust that when you buy from us, you’ll be buying quality with our selection of loud fireworks.  

That’s actually an important point to make. When you’re looking for the best firework supplier, it’s the quality that you’ll need to think about. It’s easy to pick up relatively cheap boxes of fireworks from your local supermarket, for example, but are they any good? It’s a bit of a gamble, which isn’t great when you want a good event. Buying from a specialist like Galactic Fireworks is a different story because you’ll have the very best quality fireworks as standard. Yes, it might cost a little more, but you’ll get what you pay for (and then some). The fireworks will be stunning and exciting, and you’ll be glad you found a good supplier rather than risking it all on a cheap variety box.

Galactic Fireworks Has Your Loud Fireworks

If you want the loudest possible fireworks, you can find them at Galactic Fireworks and plenty more besides. Take a look at our site and get in touch if you need any guidance or advice; we’re ready to help you and happy to answer all your questions.