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Cakes & Barrages

Are you searching for cake and barrage fireworks for sale? If so, you have landed in the right place. At Galactic Fireworks, we stock a wide range of cakes and barrages. From highly affordable options like Sizzling Comets to the extravagant Never Ending Story – the biggest firework of its kind available in the UK – we have something for every budget and occasion.

Browse our firework cakes for sale to learn more about our product range. You can also read below to find out more about this type of firework, including how it functions, its advantages, and more.

What is a barrage firework?

It’s not uncommon for people to be confused about what a barrage is when it comes to fireworks. This is certainly the case when it is combined with the word cake. Firstly, some clarification. “Cake” and “barrage” are interchangeable. They mean the exact same thing. So, if you’re reading about a cake firework, you are also reading about a barrage firework – and vice versa.

The next question you likely have then is, what exactly are barrage fireworks?

Barrage fireworks utilise a number of tubes that are linked together. Each of these tubes contains a shot, and these set off depending on the sequence or pattern used. Barrages come in many different configurations. Some stick with a relatively straightforward firework sequence, while others opt for a more extravagant display with a seemingly endless number of shots and different firing patterns.

Although firework displays can be intricate and spectacular, the function behind the scenes is relatively simple. All of the tubes in the barrage are linked together by their fuses. After the initial fuse is lit, this continues on a path to light each tube based on the sequence and time intended. For example, if there is a 10-second delay between the first and second tubes, the fuse will be lengthened to achieve this timeframe.

What are the benefits of buying barrage fireworks?

You have seen fireworks cakes for sale. However, what makes them a better choice than other fireworks on the market? While each type will have its own pros and cons, let us go through the main benefits of using firework cakes:

Sit back and relax

There’s no need to line up a row of fireworks. You don’t have to keep going back with your lighter to ignite the fuses one by one. With a firework cake, all you have to do is light a single fuse. That’s all the work you need to put into your display. As a result, you can forget about all the stress of getting your firework display just right. Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks with everyone else.

No planning required

When you purchase a standard pack of fireworks, there’s still plenty of work to be done from your side. You have to come up with a suitable layout for a show to remember, and that involves more effort than you may initially think. That’s not the case with a firework barrage. It is structured in such a way that all of the fireworks are set off for you in a specific order to ensure you get a display worthy of your party, celebration, or event.

A spectacular display

That’s right: you can put together a professional firework display in the comfort of your back garden. Firework barrage products are being continually improved and refined, and this is reflected in the displays they can produce. Even low and mid-range barrages can produce a memorable show set against the night sky.

Safer option

Barrage fireworks are, in general, safer than using standard rockets. The reason is that, as a barrage only has to be ignited a single time, less contact time is necessary when in close quarters. Furthermore, there is no need to arrange or set up a number of individual fireworks, such as making sure each one is stood up and pointing in the right direction. They’re not just easier to light, but barrages are also safer.

Wide choice

If you look through the barrage fireworks for sale at this very firework shop, there is something that will come across instantly: the wide variety available. There are many different barrage fireworks you can purchase. Low noise, strobe effects, hundreds of shots, gender reveal – you think of a firework type, and you will be able to find it in barrage form.

There’s just one issue: deciding on the right barrage for your requirements!

Fit for every budget

When you think about multi-shot fireworks, it is easy to think they’ll be on the pricey side. Yes, some of the larger barrages do come in with a sizeable price tag. However, there are also firework cakes that won’t make a dent in your bank balance. Due to this, there are options available for every budget – no matter how big or small.

How do barrage fireworks work?

Unlike firework rockets, which are relatively self-explanatory, there is a little bit more to barrage fireworks and how they function. Let us go through a quick rundown on how they work:

  • A barrage firework is a single ignition. This means there is only one fuse to light.
  • This works as the multiple tubes containing the fireworks are glued and fused together. To stop all of the shots from going off at the same time – and to ensure your display lasts longer than a couple of seconds – a delay fuse is used. This essentially creates a schedule for each firework to go off at set times along the fuse.
  • Most barrages will typically include a second fuse. This is done as a safety feature. While barrages are generally safe, there’s always a possibility that an issue can crop up. Just keep in mind the second fuse should only be lit if the first fuse has failed to ignite.
  • The backup fuse should never be lit at the same time as the first fuse. If this occurs, your fireworks display will only last half the time that it should.

What barrage fireworks should you choose?

Now comes the time to decide what to get. There is a wide range of barrage fireworks available from Galactic Fireworks. This is great in one sense. You’re spoilt for choice in terms of what barrage to select. Yet, with so many firework cakes for sale, it can be difficult to narrow down which one to select. Here are some of the main points to keep in mind when making the decision:

  • Price: The price is one of the main factors behind your decision. As you can see, with our fireworks cakes for sale, the price can vary significantly. Obviously, the more you are able to afford, the bigger and better the barrage you can pick – although even the most inexpensive fireworks can produce quite the bang.
  • Duration: A compound firework is designed to produce an extended number of shots. However, some last longer than others. Certain barrages will include a relatively low number of shots, whereas certain multi-shot fireworks offer 100, 200, or even 500 shots in total. It’s not just about the number of shots in terms of duration, either. Some will go with intense bursts, while others opt for more delayed and extravagant single shots.
  • Noise: You can select barrage fireworks based on the amount of noise they produce. Certain barrages stick with the standard noise you’d expect from fireworks. Others, however, change it up – in both directions. You can buy barrages that up the noise levels. You can also purchase specialist low-noise barrages that won’t cause any issues with your neighbours.
  • Intention: Firework displays come in different shapes and sizes. This includes barrages. You can find cakes that deliver stunning effects, rainbow colours, a stunning finale, colour tentacles, spinners, and so on. Are you celebrating a gender reveal? You can even get barrage fireworks that reveal if you’re having a boy or girl.
  • One or more: In most cases, a single barrage will offer the colourful, visual extravaganza you seek. However, when planning a display, you'll need a selection of different cakes to put on a show to achieve both the desired duration and multitude of effects Typically, people purchase 15-20 cakes to create an outstanding display. Fortunately, we have you covered in that regard. You can find a range of complete displays available at Galactic Fireworks. This includes our popular Las Vegas Crate, which, along with 16 rockets, features an incredible 14 cakes.

Buying barrage fireworks from Galactic Fireworks

At Galactic Fireworks, you can find the ideal cake to meet – and exceed – your needs. We only stock high-quality fireworks from reputable brands, ensuring you only receive a bright, colourful display that will last long in the memory. If you have any issues with deciding on which barrage to select, our experts can also help and push you in the right direction.

Along with barrages, you can also find firework boxes and packs, rockets, complete displays, and more at Galactic Fireworks. Simply put, if you want to put on an unforgettable fireworks display, we can give you the tools to make it happen.