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60 results

Cakes £60+

Here are the biggest, brightest, most brilliant fireworks your money can buy. At Galactic Fireworks, we offer a dazzling range of the most impactful fireworks for an impactful firework display. These firework cakes start at £60, offering high-quality cakes from the most premium of brands. Do you want to make a serious bang when celebrating bonfire night, New Year’s Eve, or any other significant occasion? Then these are the fireworks for you!

Bedazzle the Crowds with Our Largest Displays

Our largest firework cakes are not for the faint of heart. They are big, loud, and exhilarating, ensuring crowds from all around are instantly bedazzled. With extreme pyro power fireworks to rapid-fire enchanters, these types of fireworks are the ones to stick in your mind for years and years to come.

Please note: these are not your typical back garden firework cakes. Instead, these are the biggest and boldest fireworks that will enchant an entire crowd of onlookers! While they are available to the public, they are the kind of high-quality fireworks that would make an impact at the most professional fireworks displays and require plenty of space.

Why Choose Large Firework Cakes?

There are plenty of different types of fireworks you can buy (we also stock firework rockets, for example!), but firework cakes literally take the cake. Firework cakes are very easy to use – they are multi-shot fireworks that require just a single ignition before eruption, so you can stand back and enjoy the spectacle. At Galactic Fireworks, we have plenty of large firework cakes for sale – our range of barrage fireworks will make a big boom!

Why large? Well, these are for people with lots of pyro passion who have a large area to use and an excited crowd to please! Small firework cakes can be fun for a back garden get-together with family, but these large fireworks are the ones that will reach unstoppable heights and erupt into a shower of colour that can be seen for miles around.

Choosing the Best Large Firework Cakes

Everyone has their idea of the perfect type of firework display, and at our firework shop, you can find the best large firework cakes to suit your needs.


In our large firework cakes, we have type F2 and F3. F2 have a powder weight of up to 500g and requires you to step back at least eight meters, whereas F3 has a powder weight of over 500g and requires a safety distance of at least twenty-five meters.


Our large firework cakes come in two classes: 1.3G and 1.4G, with 1.3G being the more hazardous. If you want a high-impact fireworks display, you will likely want to go with 1.3G!

Noise Level

Naturally, our largest firework cakes are some of the noisiest, with the bangs heard from all around! While sometimes that’s the point, other times, you might want a bang that’s a little less impactful on the ears (especially if you’re putting on a display near residential housing). That’s why we stock certain fireworks categorised as ‘low noise’ – while you’ll still be able to hear them, they won’t be anywhere near as loud as our typical fireworks. On the other end of the spectrum, we also stock large firework cakes that promise extreme noise for those who want the biggest bang possible!


What visual impact do you want to give off with your big fireworks display? We have large fireworks that reach dazzling heights in the sky, bursting off multiple tubes in quick succession. We also have firework cakes that showcase a wide range of beautiful colours and last for a long duration of time thanks to the high number of shots, with our best including a 500 shot firework cake! Knowing what impact you want means you can refine your search a little better.


At Galactic Fireworks, we stock the best, most premium firework brands to satisfy our customers. You might already know a firework brand you’ve used before and would like to use them again. From Primed Pyrotechnics to Black Panther, our brands are sure to please. We also have our very own Galactic Fireworks, and with several decades in the business, it’s safe to say these fireworks are safe, exhilarating, and highly impactful!

The Best Occasions for Large Firework Cakes

Big fireworks are often seen racing into the skies during special occasions and festivals. If you want an excuse to use our brilliant large firework cakes, these are the best times to do so!

A Big Wedding

Weddings are meant to be big and bold, which is why large firework cakes are perfect for the occasion. For the most spectacular wedding, choose a compound firework with cakes pre-fused together for a large and enchanting display.

Bonfire Night Celebrations

Remember, remember, the fifth of November... with our large firework cakes, you will remember this one forever! Our unforgettable fireworks consist of 500 shot firework cakes, insane pyro powder fireworks, and rapid-firing displays, making them a perfect way to celebrate the remembrance of the Gun Powder plot. The bigger, the better!

New Year’s Eve

Step into the new year with a bang with the biggest fireworks we have to offer. New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to put on a large display, as it will bring everyone together to celebrate the brand new year, making it one to remember.


Fireworks are often part of Diwali tradition, which makes sense being the festival of lights! If you celebrate Diwali, make this year bigger and brighter by choosing from our brilliant large firework cakes, including the latest packs, to make an everlasting impact.

How to Safely Use Our Large Firework Cakes

Purchasing and using large firework cakes requires a high level of responsibility – from both us as the provider and you as the customer. Each of our firework packs comes with instructions you must follow to ensure a safe experience for all. Remember that these aren’t the kind of fireworks you can let off in a typical garden – they are big, bold, and exhilarating, made for larger areas with a big audience. Here are some of our safety tips for large firework cakes:

Check Your Site

Where will you be setting off the fireworks? You need to check how much safe distance you have between you and the firework. If you have eight meters, choose F2 fireworks; if you have over twenty-five meters, choose F3 fireworks. Also, be sure to check for nearby properties and trees that might get in the way.

Use Protection

When using these large firework cakes, it’s important to wear protection such as gloves, goggles, and boots.

Read the Instructions

All our fireworks come with instructions on how to use them safely – you must follow these instructions to a tee. Doing so will ensure a safe display that everyone can enjoy.

Avoid Alcohol

You must be in sound mind when igniting fireworks, so it’s imperative that you consume zero alcohol before use.

Following these safety tips when using our brilliant firework cakes will ensure a fun night all around.

Why Choose Galactic Fireworks?

At Galactic Fireworks, we have the best large firework cakes for sale for a sensational display that will dazzle all onlookers. Don’t worry about affordability, as our prices are out of this world – you’ll find incredible fireworks offers to ensure you put on an astonishing display without leaving you out of pocket!

Plus, with us, safety is absolutely assured. We have many years in the firework business and ensure we stock only the safest and most rigorously tested fireworks. We also send firework boxes and packs via mail throughout the UK, and these are carefully packed to stay safe for the entire journey so you can enjoy your large firework show worry-free.

Want Something a Little Smaller?

Our large fireworks give a grand performance, but you might not always want to spend upwards of £60. Or, you might not have the space to put on such a show! Don’t worry – we also stock firework cakes in smaller forms. Our small firework cakes are perfect for those tight-knit get-togethers with families on bonfire night, as you can put on a dazzling display in even a smaller garden. For something more in the middle, our medium firework cakes range from £30 to £60. We also have a range of awesome selection boxes for those who want a bit of variety during their fireworks display.

Discover the Most Mesmerising Firework Display with Us Today

Ready to let off a big, colourful bang? Our large firework cakes offer the biggest displays, giving you a visually striking performance that will ignite all the senses. These fireworks are truly out of this world – you won’t find as many premium fireworks in one place anywhere else! Do you have any questions or want help choosing the best fireworks? Our team are experts in pyrotechnics, so feel free to message us, and we’ll get back to you. Our customer service runs twenty-four hours a day throughout the year, so you are sure to get a speedy response.