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Cakes £0-£30

Want to celebrate a special occasion with a bang? You don’t have to own a vast open space to create a chorus of “oohs” and “aahs” – not when you shop for our small fireworks cakes. Despite their smaller size, these firework cakes are anything but dull, with their multitude of colours giving you a spectacular show you’ll remember forever. If you’re looking for cheap firework cakes that are safe even in a small space, then you don’t have to look any further, as here you will find a range of mesmerising fireworks, from sizzling comets to glittery sparkles, all within our collection.

All our small firework cakes are so easy to use, too. They come with a single ignition, so you simply need to light, step back, and enjoy the show. Even in our small cakes collection, we have firework cakes capable of firing multiple tubes, from 9 shots all the way up to 50!

Small Fireworks: Perfect for Garden Displays

Not everyone has a huge garden to play with, but that doesn’t mean a firework display is off the table! Whether you want to celebrate bonfire night at home this year or you want a little more excitement for your New Year’s get-together, a garden firework display will make the occasion feel extra special.

If you have a particularly small garden, choose fireworks from category F2, as you only need to step back eight meters to enjoy the display safely. As long as you have a garden over eight meters wide, you can enjoy a spectacle without leaving your home. These fireworks will ensure absolute safety as well as a visually striking display.

Low Cost – Without Compromising on Quality

You don’t have to put yourself out of pocket to enjoy fireworks. Our selection of small firework cakes for sale is specifically chosen to suit tighter budgets, with our lowest prices of £5-10 being an absolute bargain. 

Don’t worry about the low cost; these fireworks are anything less than high quality! The raw power and spectacular beauty of our fireworks are not at all compromised by the affordability. Whether you’re spending £8.99 on some stunning spinners or £29.99 on mega power long shots, you will not be disappointed.

What About Noise?

Do you live in a small neighbourhood that might not appreciate a loud bang? If so, we stock low-noise firework cakes. This is a genius type of firework that keeps sound to a minimum, so you can create lasting memories without irritating your neighbours or scaring your furry friends. Don’t worry; the display will be just as visually striking.

Of course, some people agree that the loud noise is part of the experience. If you love hearing the loud bang while a spectacle of colours erupts before your eyes, then be sure to choose from our loud noise collections. Just try not to jump when they explode in the sky!

Safety Assured and Easy to Use

We understand that safety is the most important thing when putting on a firework display. That’s why we only stock the safest fireworks around, so you can be sure that you can enjoy an incredible show without worry. For our small firework cakes, we have F2 and F3, with F2 being the much better option for smaller gardens, as these are low hazard and specifically designed for a smaller, more confined area. 

All the fireworks we stock come with easy-to-read instructions to follow, ensuring a safe and fun time for everyone. They are tried and tested, following all the UK safety regulations to a tee. As a family-run business that’s been in the industry for many years, we prioritise our customer’s need to be worry-free when enjoying the spectacle of fireworks.

The Best Occasions for Small Fireworks

Our enchanting fireworks aren’t for your average evening – these displays should be enjoyed on the most special occasions.

  • New Years

Most big cities put on giant displays on New Year’s but witnessing that means travelling through crowds or watching on a screen. Instead of watching a fireworks performance on the TV, why not put on your own show? With our range of barrage fireworks, you can ignite the fuse and enjoy a brilliant performance in real life without having to step out of your front door. It’ll be a New Year’s to remember for many years to come!

  • Weddings

Weddings are all about putting on an enchanting day. Alongside enjoying the big cake and the hundreds of flowers, you can celebrate your wedding with a firework display. Some of our small firework cakes are perfect for this, especially if you don’t have a lot of space in the venue. When the evening draws in on the wedding, you can light the fuse on of our compound fireworks and watch the display, ensuring a picture-perfect photograph of the happy couple lit up by fireworks is captured!

  • Christmas

Most families want their Christmas to be extra special. One year, that might mean getting your kid’s first-ever bike, and another year, it might be putting on a firework display! If you have the whole family around, you can add more magic to Christmas by getting a small firework display. Our Ice Storm display has a powder crackle effect, making it perfect for a wintery show.

  • Birthdays

Everyone deserves a big celebration on their birthday. If your birthday or someone you love has a special day coming up, and you want to celebrate more than ever before, a small firework display in the garden is perfect!

  • Diwali

The Hindu festival of lights is the perfect occasion to light the sky with mesmerising fireworks. If you want to celebrate at home with family, choose our small, cheap firework cakes that are brilliantly bright and safe for small spaces. Having the celebration so close to home will make it one to remember.

  • Gender Reveal Parties

Expecting couples are always looking for exciting ways to reveal the gender of their new baby. Why not try fireworks? Our best sellers for gender reveal parties are the Pink Mojo and Blue Mojo fireworks from Primed Pyrotechnics. If you’re planning a surprise gender reveal party for an expecting couple, you can give them a wonderful surprise by blasting either blue or pink into the sky!

  • Bonfire Night

Each year, the UK celebrates Guy Fawkes Night on the 5th of November. What ensues is plenty of bangs! If you want to participate in the celebrations, you can skip the lines and the crowds at scheduled displays by putting on your own in the backyard. With our cheap firework cakes, you can enjoy the mesmerising show with homemade hot chocolate in hand. It might become a bonfire night tradition.

  • A Big Milestone

Did someone in your family graduate from university? Maybe your mother finally reached retirement. Reaching huge life milestones like this is worthy of celebration, and we have the small back garden fireworks to help you do so in style without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Small Fireworks from Galactic Fireworks?

We are a firework shop that stocks only the best fireworks. When shopping at Galactic Fireworks, you can be sure you get your money’s worth. As a family-run business with many years in the industry, we know what to look for when stocking good fireworks. Plus, we always put on excellent fireworks offers to ensure you can enjoy dazzling displays without being out of pocket. Who says you need to spend hundreds of pounds to enjoy multi-shot fireworks?

We also stock a brilliant range to suit all customer preferences. All of our small firework cakes offer something unique and exciting. You can choose the Pharoah’s Tomb cube fireworks if you want a long spectacle from a compound firework. If you want a show that creates enchanting whirls and swirls, you can enjoy some stunning spinners with the Vampire Cube Fireworks (perfect for October!).

Want Something a Little Bigger?

Our small firework cakes for sale aren’t the only offers we have. At Galactic Fireworks, we dedicate ourselves to supplying the very best fireworks for all occasions! If you want something a little bigger and above the £30 price range, perhaps with a larger number of shots or some exciting firework rockets, we have you covered.

We have a range of incredible medium firework cakes, which are great when you have more space and want to put on a larger spectacle. If you want something extra – something more than a small garden firework display – our large firework cakes are unforgettable and start at £60. Keep in mind these are intense! Whichever you choose, you can always have confidence in the brands we stock.

Shop the Range Today

Are you ready to put on a dazzling display in your garden? Browse our extensive range of small firework cakes today! We have so many that you will love, whether you want bright, enchanting colours or a cool effect you may not have seen before. You can buy all our firework boxes and packs online, so they’ll arrive straight at your door, ready to be displayed for an incredible evening. If you have any questions about our products, our dedicated customer service team is always happy to help; you just need to reach out. Enjoy your celebration!