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Firework Fountains

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    More About Our Firework Fountains

    Fountains form one of the cornerstone pieces of any garden display. A favourite with firework enthusiasts, they represent the perfect way to start your display. You can create some truly stunning effects by placing several firework fountains in a row prior to firing them. 

    Fountains are true family fireworks as they are perfect for a garden display due to being mostly ground-based, easy to light and often spectacularly colourful.

    When ignited, the fountain will produce a flume of sparks. Like most fireworks, fountains range vastly in colour, size and sound. Multi-effect fountains are very popular in displays as they will add multiple heights, crackles and hues to the show.

    Fountains are a simple firework that can often capture the imagination of your audience. In our range, we stock a novelty fountain that is shaped like an alien. One Galactic Customer said, “chosen for the kids and there may be fights over who keeps the head afterwards!”

    We also stock a wide range of ice fountains too.