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Firework Cakes & Barrage Fireworks

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More About Our Cakes & Barrages

Create a dazzling display to remember thanks to our spectacular selection of barrage fireworks.  

Choose from a wide range of firework cakes for sale with options available to cater for all requirements, from budget and display size to colour preference.

Our superb range of firework cakes and barrages includes an expansive array of multi-shot fireworks. All of our cake fireworks are each capable of creating a display in their own right. Offering everything from stunning effects to ear-splitting bangs, each of the products within this collection has its own unique strengths and characteristics.

Given that no display is ever the same, we offer outstanding choice in terms of price, size and power with cake fireworks. This gives you the flexibility to select the fireworks that are best suited to your requirements.

With a whole host of 25, 100 and 300 shot options available, a firework cake offers superb value for money and are guaranteed to wow your audience.

You can browse our full selection of firework barrages and cakes below. Alternatively, contact our pyrotechnic experts for additional support.

Varying immensely in weight, length of time and size, a cake firework is a multiple tube device connected by a high-speed fuse and consisting of a series of candles, aerial shells, or sometimes both. Traditionally, cakes candles all point to the sky, but over time variations have developed, called the fan or angle cake. 

Cakes are very popular with pyro fans and boast a major safety benefit; cake packs provide spectacular, lengthy displays from just one single ignition point. Some cakes last seconds and others last far longer, consisting of thousands of tubes. 

Cakes are commonly used as explosive, impressive finales in displays. One of our favourites is Strike Back; one Galactic Fireworks customer said it, "Blew us away…  if you want WOW then buy one". This very powerful cake from Jigsaw Fireworks provides the most beautiful finale, with rapid firing lasting over 20 seconds.