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Galactic Update: April - Galactic Fireworks

Galactic Update: April

Hi, welcome to the first 'Galactic Update,' a new monthly blog post that will update all our customers about what's happening here at Galactic.

An Opportunity To Share

Last month brought an exciting opportunity for us to share our story with Fireworks Magazine. Writing the article was a step outside of my comfort zone, but it allowed me to reflect on the vibrant history and evolution of Galactic Fireworks. This trip down memory lane highlighted the shifts in legislation and consumer preferences since the early 2000s. When Standard/Black Cat's single ignitions hit the market, the now-popular big compounds were still unheard of.
Having the finished article in my hands, accompanied by photographs of family and friends who have been part of Galactic's journey, felt incredibly rewarding. The experience underlined my connection to this industry and our company's longstanding commitment to excellence and service in pyrotechnics. It's a privilege to share that passion with Fireworks Magazine's readers and our customers.

Unveiling the 2024 Fireworks Lineup

Palms Away: Zig-Zag Lineup with Golden Palms

Palms Away is set to become a showstopper in our 2024 lineup. This 30-shot cake produces a dynamic display that lives up to its name, painting the night sky with brilliant golden palms. The zig-zagging fan effect creates an expansive coverage, ensuring every spectator gets an incredible view. Beneath the canopy of palms, you'll find mines bursting with strobing blues and reds – a detail that adds depth and variety to the performance. As the show climaxes, the final two volleys of five shots spread out in a 'W' shape, producing a stunning finale. With 475 grams of pyro powder packed into it, Palms Away offers a premium experience with an estimated price of £34.99, it's a bargain! We're eager for its arrival and confident it will become a firm favourite.

Meet the Destroyer: A New Level Of Compound

The Destroyer is a game-changer, delivering a professional-grade show to your back garden. This powerful 3-piece compound has a staggering 412 shots and over 2.8kg NEC. Lasting just under 3 minutes, the Destroyer offers a relentless barrage of varied patterns and effects. From the low-noise segments that build suspense to the high-impact breaks that dazzle the eyes and ears, this display in a box has been meticulously crafted to deliver a next-level performance. Destroyer will take your display to the next level, offering an unparalleled spectacle that can rival a professional cake. As the newest crown jewel in our collection, anticipation is high; we believe the Destroyer will set a new standard for what our customers can enjoy in their celebrations.

Stay Tuned for More Exciting Updates

The world of fireworks never stands still, and neither does Galactic HQ. Our commitment to bringing you the best means we're always working on something new and thrilling for our customers. Each month, we'll share updates on our latest creations, offer sneak peeks into upcoming products, and provide insights into the pyrotechnics industry. You'll find everything you need in our monthly updates.
Looking ahead to 2024, Galactic HQ is already preparing to dazzle you with a new range of fireworks that will elevate your celebrations. In our newsletter, I'll reveal two new fireworks each month to whet your appetite for the 2024 season.
We can't wait to show you what we've been working on and hear your feedback. Your excitement fuels our passion, and together, we'll continue to light up the skies with unrivalled displays of colour and creativity. So, keep an eye on our emails and social media channels for all the latest Galactic news.

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