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About Us

At Galactic Fireworks we originally started selling fireworks from our village store in Laughton Common, Dinnington, near Sheffield over 35 years ago. I don't think you could have picked a worse location for a fireworks shop, but by putting our customers first and having a passion and knowledge to supply only the very best and most exciting fireworks money can buy eventually lead this little village store to be the diamond in the Galactic Fireworks operation. This store is now, what I like to believe is the best fireworks shop in the whole of the UK - bar none.


We began selling fireworks by mail order in 1999 in preparation for the millennium celebrations, this was before the days of the internet and we sent out paper order forms. Since then, we have supplied the UK with the best fireworks out there year after year.


At Galactic Fireworks we are simply fireworks crazy. We’re a family run business and pyrotechnics are in our blood. Each of us channel our life-long pyro passion in to hand-picking the best fireworks out there just for you – out valued customers. From rockets to catherine wheels, powerful cakes, and barrages through to family fun fountains we’ve got all bases covered and are extremely proud of our range.


As the Galactic Fireworks family has grown, so has the team’s desire to give the very best experience possible for customers. Attention to detail is crucial, from filming, weighing, and measuring every product; to designing labels and firing patterns - we don't want to be anything to be less than perfect.


With over 20 years’ experience in the fireworks business, we’ve perfected our unrivalled range of quality products. Over the past couple of decades, we’ve built solid relationships with the best fireworks brands, cherry-picking the best of the best across our ranges. Our love for fireworks ensures we only stock the top fireworks that meet our exceedingly high standards.


We offer guaranteed price-matching - if you find the same product at a cheaper price, we’ll match it. So, you can rest assured that with Galactic Fireworks, you won’t get a better price elsewhere.


The best fireworks for any occasion


Not only do we provide a wide collection of truly jaw-dropping fireworks online, but we have 4 specialist shops, all of which can serve fireworks over the counter all year round. With our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, you can always rely on us to provide top-quality fireworks in person; whatever the occasion may be. 


We specialise in wedding fireworks packages, New Year's Eve fireworks, bonfire night fireworks and more. For any other celebration you want to go off with a bang, we’re there!


24/7 Customer Service


Fireworks are not just our livelihood, but a passion for our family. That means we’re happy to be on-hand and contactable 365 days a year. If you have any problems or need any advice, we’re always here for you.


Tried and Tested


We constantly strive to collate a premium range of fireworks through rigorous testing. We won’t sell a firework until it has been fired, filmed and passed through our stringent safety checks. You can watch videos of our full range and see exactly what you are buying before your purchase.


Safe, UK-Wide Delivery


Galactic Fireworks provides fireworks not only in person, but right across the UK too. We use specialist couriers to ensure your fireworks are delivered safely, securely and under the correct regulations. We understand this is paramount with explosives - your fireworks will be handled, stored, and delivered correctly. You can remain worry-free throughout the whole process, from choosing your fireworks, right through to delivery.




Nigel Turver, Galactic’s Managing Director, turned his childhood dream into a pyro-reality. Following a lifetime of love for fireworks, he chose the millennium New Year back in 1999, to launch Galactic Fireworks. In 2010, Nigel’s sons, James and Harry also joined the Galactic team, sharing their dad’s thrill. When new fireworks come in stock, the Turvers all share the same reaction - they’re like kids on Christmas morning.