War Hawk Rockets BOGOF

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Firework Attributes:

114cm × 27cm × 4cm

War Hawk Rockets BOGOF

These War Hawk Rockets from Bright Star Fireworks are widely recognised as the best value rockets on the market today. Please bear in mind that they are pick up only. When you buy these rockets, you can choose from:

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Featuring huge palm bursts with coloured tips, these rockets possess the sort of effects that you would normally only get with larger display alternatives – for which you’d typically have to spend over £10 per rocket.

For us, we’ve seen plenty of rockets that cost far more but simply can’t match the pound-for-pound value the War Hawks provide.

Delivering truly sky-filling bursts, the rockets provide the following range of effects through each pack:

A) Brocade to purple

B) Brocade to green

C) Golden willow to red

D) Golden willow to blue

E) Golden willow to ti-chrysanthemum

Please note that our War Hawks are available via mail order if you’re ordering a full case containing 8 packs of rockets. If you’re interested in finding out more, please click here

10 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
19 October 2016


You definitely get a big bang from these rockets to think that these can be sold to the general public is insane but no complaints here. Extremely good value at £3 a rocket.

14 September 2016

Really impressive rockets!

These rockets are amazing! They have the performance of rockets 10 times their price, best rockets money can buy

23 August 2016


The first time I let these off, I was blown away by the bang I got from them. The boom was that extreme it shook me up. The bursts are also big and pretty. They are extremely good value for money and well worth a buy.

18 August 2016

War Hawks

The best value rockets money can buy. I've used these rockets for many years now and will continue to do. Tremendous rockets which pack a punch, massive sky filling bursts and fired in multiples.. Simply fill the sky

5 November 2015


Very loud and big bright colours. Very shocked at how cheap these are.

12 October 2015


Just taken delivery of a case of 40 and had to try a pack of 5. At £3/rocket these can't be beaten. Can't wait to let them off 3/4 at a time on the 5th!!

2 September 2015

War Hawks

It's an absolute no brainer....just buy them

25 August 2015


Don't think twice about buying these War Hawks.
Pound for Pound they have to be one of the best rockets out there.

25 August 2015


buy these you will not be dissapointed.

25 August 2015

War hawks

Really love these rocket for the price they are better than any others at price range.