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Vampire Fountain

3+ AvailableRRP: £24.99 £14.99
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Firework Attributes:

10cm × 20cm × 28cm
Cat 2
Duration 120s
Weight 0.9kg
Explosive Weight 138g

Vampire Fountain

The Vampire Fountain is bound to leave your guests lost for words; ideal for those wanting to put on a show-stopping display. 

This fountain is one-of-a-kind - you’ll experience its range of effects shooting straight up into the sky, followed by the vampire’s eyes and mouth glowing red. For the finale, watch the vampire fire out a flurry of crackles. This truly entertaining fountain is a must-have and will be a definite hit with the kids.

With over a 2-minute duration, this long-lasting multi-effect fountain will thrill and chill you and your guests. At just £14.99, this unique firework is fantastic value for money. Not only that but with this firework coming from Fireworks International, you’re guaranteed a high-quality product. Having been established over 25 years ago, they consistently deliver some of the highest-performance fireworks.

3 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
2 July 2020

Decent novelty fountain

I like this fountain, it's very good indeed!

Nice mix of effects, first starting in the top with showers of silver with red and green stars then a shrill whistle assaults your ears and the eyes and face flash NB not ideal at 25 metres indicated on the fountain as your audience might not see it, then the arms light up with golden sparkles, similar to what you see in sparklers, cascading sparks ending with a nice widespread crackling to finish.

Lasts 85 seconds actually not 2 minutes but is still good value, easy to use too, you don't have to bury it or stake it in the ground, just use a flat wooden board or paving slab or piece of slate to stand it on.

A great addition to a private display but is best used at 15 metres than the 25 metres it is labelled with.

25 August 2018

Great for kids

This fountain is great if you have kids, it has decent size effects and a long duration, even the eyes glow up.

20 August 2018


Perfect for Halloween and children great little effects and visible glowing eyes.