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Hokus Pokus

3+ AvailableRRP: £9.99 £6.99
(7 Reviews)

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Firework Attributes:

12cm × 12cm × 15cm
Cat 2
Duration 45s
Weight 330g
Explosive Weight 129g

Hokus Pokus

Hokus Pokus from Brothers Pyrotechnics has set the bar for quality fireworks available for under ten pounds. For us, there is no better alternative available for the price.

Given that we do a number of large, organised displays – which cost in excess of thousands of pounds – you can trust us when we say that this firework is an absolute joy to behold. Thrilling from start to finish, it’s almost unbelievable that you can add it to your display so cheaply.

As Hokus Pokus gets underway, it delivers some superb fountain effects worthy of matching any competitive alternatives. Yet this is just the start. What elevates this fountain to another level is the immense, booming mine eruption which comes out of nowhere and fires crackling starts 30 feet into the sky part way through the 45-second duration of the fountain.

This surprising shot is then followed by another two similar mine effects, leaving you in absolute awe of what you’ve just seen. Your audience could not fail to be impressed.

It’s actually a real challenge to do this fountain justice through words. Make sure you watch the video, as it really shows you the power of Hokus Pokus in all its glory.

7 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
10 November 2019

Hokus Pokus

Packs in a lot for money - excellent fountain with loud effects

4 November 2019

Packs a punch

Really nice fountain/mine! Good duration & impressive bursts. The suspense waiting for the 2nd & 3rd bursts is great :)

22 August 2018

No words to describe

This is best fountain I’ve ever bought, effects on these are top standard, you will not be disappointed, 3 mine effect, last part is best of it all, worth price all day

21 January 2017


Not much to say really other than this is a must have for any garden display. Stunning performer

16 November 2016

Great fun fountain packs a punch

My favourite fountain. The audience thinks it is just a pretty little fountain, and then just the right number of surprise mine shots. The first is a surprise, the second can be admired and the third is the cherry on top. Great value suspense firework.

18 September 2016

Holy Moly

This isn't your average fountain at all, it also contains three stunning mine lifts that go with an almighty whoosh (but no big bangs, nothing too scary if you've been warned) adding a whole new dimension to what would be a respectable fountain anyway.

8 September 2016


This fierwork. Wow. I set one off today. My God. Lovely flowers then boom. One small lift followed buy next left. This had to be the best fountin out there. Buy one and run this scears you. Best for Halloween as it does kick a punch 130g powder is alot for fountin. *nice product from the bothers ranges*