End Of The World

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Firework Attributes:

Mixed Firing Pattern
200 Shots
109cm × 37cm × 26cm
Cat 3
Duration 170s
Weight 30.5kg
Explosive Weight 3940g

End Of The World

There’s so much to say about this End of the World. Easily the biggest and heaviest premium quality firework we’ve ever sold, it weighs in at over an incredible 30kgs - and also contains almost 4kgs of pyrotechnic powder - so you might want a bit of help when it comes to lifting it!

One of our compound connecting fireworks, this firework comprises of 4 x 50-shot, 30mm full-effect barrages. Shots are launched in a mixed firing pattern, meaning that you’ll get to enjoy a mix of vertical, Z-fire and fan fire effects. Since the various components of End of the World are already fused together and placed on a sturdy board, all you have to do is light one fuse and sit back to enjoy the display.

In summary, this is as close as you can get to a professional firework on the consumer market. With 3940g of explosive weight, designed to deliver colours, effects and noise in abundance, it is a true juggernaut of a product.

We would suggest leaving this firework within its outer box and simply cutting off the 4 lid flaps to provide some welcome extra sturdiness.

3 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
6 November 2018

Absolutely awesome

Used this to finish off our annual party this year. It's normally a low key party, a couple of decent rockets and plenty of sparklers etc. This thing took us up about 20 notches! Everyone was blown away! It lasted as long as it states in the description, excellent variety and speeds up for a finale at the end. You also get the post-event smugness when you overhear someone from 4 blocks over saying, "I could hear a full-blown display from where I live!"

4 November 2018

Name speaks for itself

No better way to end a night then with one of these, this compound cake will defiantly surprise everyone. The big bursts and the speechless fanned ending to the cake was amazing!

15 October 2018

This has the 'X' factor

I thought to myself do i want to spend that money on one firework. then being a compound unit consisting of 4 x 50 shot cakes i will give it a go, espiecially as it is maximum bore.I am so glad i did , light one fuse and you have over 2 minutes of pyro heaven . A nice mixture of 2 x straight and 2 x fanned timed to perfection. Honestly, it is worth every penny.....enjoy