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Firework Attributes:

100 Shots
25cm × 25cm × 15cm
Cat 3
Duration 43s
Weight 7kg
Explosive Weight 850g


Brothers OMG is a stunning, 100-shot cake from Brothers Pyrotechnics that will undoubtedly leave your audience lost for words. For almost a minute, it fills he sky with a beautiful mix of noise and colour – hence the name it’s been given!

As you would expect from Brothers, the effects featured within this firework are truly magical. Things get underway with crackling tails to multi-coloured breaks, before transitioning to a series of pearls. These rise to golden brocades, forming a canopy of sky-filling, falling stars.

Brothers OMG is a cake that works as part of any display, whether you want a stunning finale or to pick up the pace earlier in your running order. 

It has actually been around for 2-3 years now, but sadly we had judged it to be too expensive as prior to 2017, it came in pyro-meshed caging. Pleasingly, this is no longer the case and we’re delighted to have been able to introduce it into our range. 

1 Review
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3 January 2017


This is a brothers firework so say no more! It has everything going on, big bursts, beautiful colours and good loud bangs which certain is all you need in this 100 shot pearl