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Twisted Aftershock

3+ AvailableRRP: £179.99 £79.99
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Firework Attributes:

72 Shots
38cm × 38cm × 24cm
Cat 3
Duration 50s
Weight 8kg
Explosive Weight 983g

Twisted Aftershock

There are not many firework barrages that are so unique to stand out from others that we sell but the Twisted Aftershock is one such firework. I have to admit I'm a little puzzled by the powder weight showing 734gms as Ive been reliabley told its 984gms. 

I love to see Trident style firing patterns like the Champagne Fizz and Stealth Rising, well here we have a bigger more spectacular cake than both those two that fires 12 banks of 3 silver spinning tops that burst like champagne filling the sky with silver bubbles plus another 12 banks of 12 mines filling the bottom section too. So good to see unique new products in the UK. Be amongst the first to grab this beauty from Sky Crafter!

Ignore the fact that there's £100 off this firework it's an over-inflated selling price to start with. You will see certain fireworks with a £179.99 RRP selling for half price £89.99 and you could see a similar product from a different manufacturer with a selling price of £99.99 but get sold for £89.99. Let me assure you we at Galactic sell you the fireworks at the best and correct price so you can almost ignore all this crazy daft pricing stuff. The best way as a rule of thumb is to see the amount of pyro powder that's going to burn in the sky and work it out from that. I work on 1Kg of powder should mean paying a maximum of £99.99, which equates that no single firework should ever be over £99.99! (compound connecting cakes will be more but same principal)

1 Review
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13 May 2020

10 x better than the video

Its not that the preview video is bad its just it does nothing to show just how good and big this firework is.