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Jupiter Selection Box

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Firework Attributes:

80cm × 42cm × 14cm
Cat 2
Weight 5.6kg
Explosive Weight 1030g

Jupiter Selection Box

An amazing garden box from Evolution, simply sublime pyrotechnics designed for the back garden.

You won't find anything too over the top in this kit, designed for kids it's predominantly colours and effects rather than noise, not to mention that it's category 2 and therefore ideal for the smaller to medium back garden.

All in all a wonderful back garden box for all the family to enjoy containing 21 fireworks and 4 rockets

Please, note the picture shows an open box on top of a sealed box, you only receive 1 box.

1 Review
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4 November 2019

Simple yet professional.

Nice smaller selection of simple fireworks with plenty of instructions, cool themes and names makes choosing which one to set off next just as fun as actually setting off the firework. Very impressed, nice variety and decent length and quality.