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  • Welcome to Galactic Fireworks

    Hi, my name's Nigel Turver, I own and run Galactic Fireworks. Thank you for visiting our 2013 online fireworks shop, I really do hope you enjoy our website and find what you're looking for. I'm always keen to hear your feedback, so if you have any questions or comments, please contact me here. Thank you.

  • 100% Guarantee - we'll beat any price

    We 100% guarantee that in the unlikely event you can buy the same item cheaper elsewhere, we won't just match that price, we'll BEAT IT!

    If you do find an item that is cheaper elsewhere, CONTACT US with the details and we'll be in touch with a better offer. It's that simple!

We will be having a new web site coming live around the 19th of September.

Until the new website goes live we are offering a delivery option of only £9.95 for each and every order irrelivant of size.

Best Sellers

Only £12.99
SAVE £5.00
Dynasty Fireworks Singing Peacocks B.O.G.O.F
Only £59.99
SAVE £25.00

Brothers Pyrotechnics

Nuclear Demolition

Brothers Pyrotechnics Nuclear Demolition
Only £29.99
SAVE £10.00

Jigsaw Fireworks

Trail Blazer Rocket Box

Jigsaw Fireworks Trail Blazer Rocket Box
Only £75.00
SAVE £74.99

Bright Star Fireworks

Fiesta Flyer Daytime Fireworks

Bright Star Fireworks Fiesta Flyer Daytime Fireworks
Only £29.99
Benstar Hayleys Comet BOGOF
Only £99.99
SAVE £50.00

Cube Fireworks

Army Cube Box

Cube Fireworks Army Cube Box
Only £75.00
SAVE £74.99

Bright Star Fireworks

Fiesta Flyer

Bright Star Fireworks Fiesta Flyer
Only £149.99
SAVE £100.00
Galactic Mammoth Cake Pack

Here is a video of a display we did on the 20th June 2014 for £1,200 plus vat



Galactic Fireworks website is always up to date with our latest stock and prices ! We update our site almost everyday throughout the year not just around Bonfire Night and New Year ! Unlike many sites out there who have lots of stuff that are sold out etc we remove items within a few hours of selling out ! This means 99% of the time we have what we say we have ! So buy with confidence from the company that is always up to date with its web site and products.

This sounds sad but I have always believed that work comes first and that our customers are simply the most important people in the world. This accompanied with not only a passion but a genuine lifetime love of fireworks means that I can say with confidence that you as a customer when buying fireworks from Galactic fireworks will firstly get a service that is second to none! and secondly, a fireworks product range that is, in my honest opinion, the very best in the U.K! Join myself and other like minded enthusiasts on our very own firework forum if you love talking about pyro related things.

We are a small family run business with 4 retail outlets, but have been operating from our main retail shop located in the small village of Laughton Common, Nr Sheffield, for aver 30 years now! (Wow! That makes me feel old). I feel this also shows that we are the kind of people that you can trust, and that we will still be here for many years to come.

The biggest thing that has happened this past few years is our web site, I understand that people often want fireworks but simply have no idea what they are buying or what the firework actually does. On this site I have addressed these issues and cannot recommend enough that you really should browse our fireworks , there you will be able to see videos of virtually everything that we sell. We even have videos helping and explaining not only the fireworks but things like portfires, goggles, stakes, glow ropes etc.

I will also add that both my son (James) and myself have been ADR trained for the delivery of fireworks, we have just added a 2nd brand new van that will be simply dedicated to the delivery of fireworks throughout the U.K. I think it is amazing that we now offer a same day delivery service (50 mile radius of Rotherham & £250 minimum order). All other nationwide deliveries are usually between 2-4 days but we can cater for whatever you need or require. If you want you can even call our office direct on 01709 769184



Including Fireworks as Part of your Special Event
There are many ways to liven up a party, from cranking up the stereo to calling up a local ice carving artist. Depending on the occasion and the location, many great parties begin with a marquis and specially-catered culinary delights. No doubt a young, handsome bartender with a bow-tie, ready to serve up a set of drinks (and without giving your guests the bill), is a great addition to any party. But what about those party hosts who are looking for a bit more to liven the day?

Few of these features will get your guests talking as much as a good set of fireworks! Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and even the occasional barbeque, fireworks can add a great little addition to the day's activities. What's more is that with the addition of brothers fireworks at your party, you can make the day last for many years to come in the memories of your special guests. Watch your friends pull out their mobile phone cameras as the night skies light up. Even more, there are few things that make little kids smile so large as a handful of sparklers (being safely handled, of course, with parents watching over!). Give your gadget-happy friend something interesting to put on his pocket-micro-sized-thousand-pound video camera!

Fireworks for sale can be found online. No need to go down to the local store and choose the leftovers from the last holiday or to scrounge around for something that suits your budget. A fireworks sale found online can give you a wide range of options, suitable to your preferences and your budget. Fireworks for sale include a wide range of products, including flying lanterns, ice fountains, and all kinds of displays, both small and large. The great thing about these is that they won't bust your party budget. At the same time, the kids love 'em. Not only the little kids, but the grown-up "kids" can have all kinds of fun, well into the evening. Teenagers love the loud noises, grandma likes the colours, and the middle-aged crowd will sit back in their lawn chairs remembering how fun it was being a kid.

To be sure, there are few activities which so loudly and so clearly make the statement, "we are having an event!" Not only is it a statement to your friends, family, and guests, but to the entire neighborhood. In fact, how big of a party are you having? With brothers pyrotechnics, you can get a full-on event that the whole town can enjoy. From purchase, delivery, to set-up, to lighting the final fuse, your end-to-end solution is available for a professionally-handled display.

And if the whole town doesn't enjoy it, at least they will hear it, and will know without a doubt who is having the party. All they will need to do is look up at the night sky.

Cheap Fireworks are the Solution

Many people assume that this kind of party entertainment is very expensive. In fact, it is quite possible to find cheap fireworks that are not only fun and amusing, but also give the festive mood that no other form of entertainment can provide - at least, not in the same price category. Of course, you could look up the latest music charts and hire out for a special concert given by your favourite musicians (assuming they are still performing). Such entertainment is usually reserved for the rich and famous. If you’re one of those, then you probably are not going to search online for party entertainment. Let your butler take care of that.

But if your party budget falls short of hiring chart-topping musicians at a half-million pounds per day, then buy some fireworks! There are plenty of product choices that you can find at a fireworks sale, and with the heart-racing thrill that they can generate, there is absolutely no need for you to call up the likes of Elton John to give your guests a thrill. You can buy fireworks online, have them delivered straight to your doorstep. At this point, half the work is done for you. The rest is the fun part! Get out the match, light 'em up, and brothers fireworks can give you the celebration of a lifetime!

For more than just a party or special event, they can be delivered and stored. Some of the best occasions are those which arise spontaneously, and go from a little get-together into a big party in the span of an hour. While you never know when that is going to happen, you can always be prepared to impress your guests – however spontaneously they arrive, with a great display that you’ve been keeping for just such an occasion. There are several products which are great to have on-hand, and can be fun for nearly any occasion, either pre-planned or on-the-spot, where adding a little spark would suit the evening.

Let us deliver the fireworks, UK locations. There are delivery professionals who are trained in safe handling, and can also set up a fantastic display for your event. Delivery can be done quickly and efficiently – so even spontaneous decisions may be accommodated. With fireworks, UK guests and neighbors can be sure that your party is the place for fun and excitement.

You can also get vouchers! These make great opportunities to give your friends or family a very special gift, and the opportunity for them to choose for themselves what kind of products they would like. In all likelihood, there is nobody else who would be giving this kind of gift, so your special gift is going to be remembered as unique.

Having a display can also involve several procedures to ensure that you and your guests are safe. In some cases, it is necessary to notify local authorities such as the fire brigade or police. Be aware of nearby nursing homes, farms, and airports. With a large display, it will also be necessary to ensure that your guests are situated behind a barrier, a safe distance from the fireworks. Professionals will be handling the set-up and lighting, leaving you and your guests to sit back and enjoy the beautiful display of light and colours.