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Why is firework delivery so expensive?

We subsidise every order that we dispatch, the size of the order determines how much we can contribute to the dispatch of your order.

There are a number of factors as to why firework delivery is so expensive, I've broken these down below:

  1. Courier charge, fireworks are explosives and therefore we cannot send them out through any standard courier service. Only a handful of couriers in the country will carry explosives and as they aren't your traditional 'big' operations then they are more expensive in the first place than a 'normal courier' £20-£100 per consignment.
  2. Hazardous goods charge, on top of the standard delivery charge we're then subject to a 'hazardous goods' charge. £10 per consignment.
  3. Charge per KG, we are charged a flat rate per KG of the order. Obviously the larger the order the more expensive it is to send. £0.40 per KG.
  4. Packing materials, when packing fireworks we have to be extra careful to ensure they reach you in the same condition they're in when they leave our depot. Everything HAS to be packed inside UN cartons that are passed to contain fireworks. Then we have our standard packing materials such as labels and air-fill. £4-£10 per box.

Please understand that the smallest order that's one single box to an easily accessible location costs us a minimum of £35 to send out, as orders get bigger obviously the cost is increased for delivery, however the order value also increases meaning that we can stand to more of the cost.

We feel as though our scaling charge is as fair as possible to our customers and to ourselves.