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What is the best way to light my fireworks?

This might seem straight forward to some; however, I can assure you that there are a myriad of different ways to fire your fireworks, many of them making it easier and simpler, allowing you to enjoy the evening even more.


Our simplest and most recommended product is the portfire, this burns with a constant strong flame for around about 3 minutes regardless of wind and rain. You can then light your other fireworks from this portfire, as it burns to it’s end you simply light the next portfire and carry on. These really do make firing fireworks so much easier, and we believe they are a necessity to any fireworks display.


Moving up from that you can progress to a gas torch which will do an even better job or even to electronic firing where you can stand back and fire your fireworks with a press of a button; this does require more setup beforehand, however.


You can find all these different products under the ‘firing equipment’ category of our website.