Wedding Fireworks

On your big day you want everything to go as smoothly and hassle free as possible, that’s what we aim to provide at Galactic Fireworks for your wedding fireworks display. We offer four different packages to suit your budget: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Obviously you’ll want to astound your guests with some jaw-dropping fireworks and therefore we cater our displays to be short and spectacular. We at Galactic have a huge passion for fireworks and put that love into every show that we do and that ensure everyone leaves with a lasting memory.

All members of our display team are highly trained with many years’ experience firing all over the country. We also come complete with full liability insurance taking all the organising, setup and firing of your wedding firework display out of your hands, allowing you relax and enjoy the show.

Bronze Fireworks Package - £995

A great entry-level wedding fireworks display that lasts approximately 6 minutes. Consists of high-level consumer fireworks fired over a multitude of different firing positions.

Silver Fireworks Package - £1495

The silver package is where we begin to bring in some of the professional fireworks to really light up the sky. Gently increasing the pace before dazzling with an alluring pre-finale before stunning the audience with a huge sky-filling finale.

Gold Fireworks Package - £1995

Now this is some mesmerising pyro! Here we still use a well-balanced mixture of professional and top-level consumer fireworks, but we also bring in some wonderful shells that are just going to take the evening’s entertainment to the next level, Illuminating all that you can see and leaving you with a huge smile across your face.

Platinum Fireworks Package - £2995

A true pyro spectacular, solely professional cakes mixed with huge shells and gorgeous set pieces. This dazzling wedding display showers the night’s sky with a majestic spread from left to right of some of the largest most spectacular fireworks available in the UK today. This will be a display to remember.