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Fireworks Crazy

3+ AvailableRRP: £99.99 £69.99
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Firework Attributes:

100 Shots
26cm × 26cm × 17cm
Weight 9kg
Explosive Weight 970g

Fireworks Crazy

This outstanding cake from Brothers Pyrotechnics is always in demand. Firing 100 shots of entertainment, it continues to stand the test of time. A barrage firework of real quality, Fireworks Crazy boasts a running time of close to a minute, packing in 970g of explosive power throughout its running time.

Mixing rapid-firing, colourful pearls with lightning crackles, it delivers effects fit to grace any display. Alongside these, you’ll also get to enjoy some ear-splitting booms. Importantly, these work in tandem with the beauty of the shots, rather than creating noise just for noise’s sake.

A further suggestion that we make to our customers with Fireworks Crazy is to consider pairing it alongside Screaming Serpents – one of our very own Galactic cakes. When fired in tandem, these two cakes work in perfect harmony. 

1 Review
100% of reviewers said YES
28 September 2014

wow wow wow

if you want a firework that really does every thing this really is it from the moment you light the fuse it blows you away with and abundance off great effects this is one off the best firework for 2014