Dum Bum 25 shot

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Firework Attributes:

25 Shots
18cm × 18cm × 20cm
Cat 2
Duration 32s
Weight 3.5kg
Explosive Weight 393g

Dum Bum 25 shot

The Dum Bum 25 shot is quickly growing a reputation as the loudest firework available in the UK – bar none. From Klasek Fireworks, this remains a popular product for those looking to add something different to their displays.

Basically an air bomb cake, it has been designed for one purpose – noise. We at Galactic Fireworks are certainly confident in saying that these are easily the loudest fireworks that we’ve ever had in stock.

Whilst you won’t quite get a complete idea of quite how loud the Dum Bum is until you hear it in person, you can watch a preview of the firework in the video below.

3 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
9 November 2015

Stupidly loud

I bought this for bonfire weekend and it was loud as hell and pissed off all the right neighbours. Defiantly recommend it

7 November 2015

Insanely Loud

If you're looking for a war zone related Firework that will leave the sky echoing for miles then this is the Firework to buy! From start to finish you are faced with reports that are insanely loud and almost deafening! If you're like me and get satisfaction from buying the loudest consumer Fireworks available then you're in for a treat. 1 word. ENJOY!

6 November 2015

Dum Bum

Was told this firework was the loudest firework available... They were right anyone who wants to send of thundering reports that echo for miles get one of these I've already ordered two more coz there just nasty