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Battle of Midway

3+ AvailableRRP: £34.99 £22.99
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Firework Attributes:

53 Shots
21cm × 24cm × 23cm
Duration 28s
Weight 2.5kg
Explosive Weight 325g

Battle of Midway

Battle of Midway comes from Bright Star Fireworks and it’s easily one of our favourite firework cakes. With a firing duration of 50 seconds, this 53-shot firework is a product that significantly outperforms the price it’s listed for. This means it should be a must for your display, particularly if you’re a fan of mesmerising effects.

Battle of Midway begins with a series of huge golden bursts, that erupt in conjunction with crackling strobes. These pummel the night sky from the off and set the tone for what’s to come. As the initial shots transition into gorgeous, ground-level plumes and golden crackles, you’ll feel like things are winding down - but don’t let yourself be tricked into a false sense of security.

Things soon return to a more dramatic level, as a barrage of golden bursts are fanned left then right, leading to the final conclusion. This completes the firework by filling the sky with fanned banks of gold and red, a green strobe and a wicked crackle.

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2 Reviews
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10 September 2014

Made a great end to my nans 70th birthday

I bought this firework after Mandy from the Dinnington store reccomended it to me as I wanted just one firework to set off but didnt want to spend too much money (£25 max) my husband lit it for my nans birthday and it was so special, it almost brought us all to tears. I really do recomend this if you want one firework only that does a whole display.

10 September 2014

Children Love It

This is one firework that children always like because it has so many different effects built into the display. It starts off kind of slow with straight small bursts and then goes into a spread across the sky. The children always like this firework and so do many adults. And under £20, it is a real bargain. A real must for Bonfire Night or New Years.