Trail Blazer Rockets X 12 (pyromeshed)

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Firework Attributes:

71cm × 35cm × 32cm
Weight 11.2kg
Explosive Weight 3840g

Trail Blazer Rockets X 12 (pyromeshed)

Well here is the perfect case of rockets if you need 1.3G high performance breaks but you also require 1.4G storage as they come in a pyro meshed metal cage.

Each rocket has 40gms of powder meaning 320gms per pack and 3,840gms per case. Now our best selling rockets are War Hawks that have 60gms per rocket or 300gms per pack meaning the Trail Blazers are even better value for money.

Bulk Buy Quantity = 12
Recommended Selling Price Per Item = £39.99
Total Selling Price = £479.88
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Bulk Buy Cost Price inclusive of VAT @ 20% = £144.00