Thunder Rockets (20 rockets)

3+ AvailableRRP: £59.98 £39.99
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Firework Attributes:

72cm × 14cm × 8cm
Weight 1.8kg
Explosive Weight 440g

Thunder Rockets (20 rockets)

Coming from Jorge Fireworks, these Thunder Rockets are packaged together as tens. With this particular purchase, you will get 2 sets of rockets – leaving you with an astonishing 20 rockets for just £39.99. That’s pretty much just £2.00 per rocket.

In terms of performance, these rockets are seriously loud. If you’re looking to add some noise to your display, then you won’t be disappointed. Each begins with an almighty whoosh effect, which forms the base of the silver tail that launches high into the night sky.

You can order the Thunder Rockets for mail order, whilst they’re also available to purchase at our Dinnington store. 

10 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
15 November 2016

Goes By The Name

Definitely goes by the name! Loud as thunder and bright as lightning. Found the best way to use them was to fire all 20 in one go.

12 November 2016

loud is not the word

these rockets are mega loud tried one out today and after letting one of. One was enough 10/10

8 September 2016


Great little rocket pack this, they go up with a nice woosh and leave a trail of sparks into a nice loud report.

7 September 2016

Loud Rocket Bombs

Plenty loud enough for most folks. Can be used on their own or crafted into displays when you wish to enhance with noise but not distract with visuals from another larger visual effect.
eg, I sent up a sequence of 4 large ball heads with big attractive bursts and mixed in volleys of these thunder rockets to add in more bang.

5 September 2016


Send up a bunch of these at the end of a display to let the audience know it's really over, and trust me, they will!

4 September 2016


These are just loud bought 2 packs of these and wow silver tail up to a massive saulte flash then boom. Good to set alarms off :)

14 October 2015

thunder rocket

Amazing rockets extremely loud at buy one get one free for £30 is grate good buy

23 August 2015

thunder rockets

these rockets are loud and at BOGOF you cant go wrong with them but the war hawks are same price and same deal BOGOF i would say buy them instead not much difference really in noise and the bursts in the war hawks are best ive seen in a rocket at that price

6 August 2015


These rockets are very loud, they can compete easily on volume with pretty much anything else going at the moment. And they aren't just about noise either, the silver tails these have are superb as well. Highly, highly recommended!

14 October 2014

Another Galactic Special

Ordered these rockets expecting them to be good....they ended up being even better! Lovely silver tail and a huge report!

Ordered from Galactic and they delivered quicker than I would have expected. Amazing service once again, from a fantastic company.

Highly recommended (both the rockets and Galactic)!