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Thunderbolt & Lightning

3+ AvailableRRP: £99.99 £69.99
(4 Reviews)
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Firework Attributes:

100 Shots
29cm × 29cm × 18cm
Cat 3
Duration 56s
Weight 9kg
Explosive Weight 999g

Thunderbolt & Lightning

Just watch hundreds of Screaming Serpents escape from their nest and attack the night sky. Ear piercing screams lead to strobing bursts that glitter back downwards. This firework is up there amongst the very best fireworks we sell, but we have now tried 2-3 times to film it but it never comes across very well on a video for some reason. Trust me buy one it's truly fabulous.

This firework in previous years was known as Screaming Serpents, it's exactly the same cake.

4 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
2 September 2015


Amazing noise,bursts and height from this screaming cake....get two

14 October 2014

Bigger & Better

Ive always liked Crazy Horses for the mixture of noise, effect and sheer height but Screaming Serpents seemed, louder and more intense really great piece!

6 October 2014

Screaming Serpents

I saw 4 of these fired at once this past weekend and there's only 1 word to describe what I saw.
Okay, 6 words....

This would be perfect as a finale piece, double it up for an even better finale.
And it's way too cheap in my opinion (don't tell galactic I said that).

13 September 2014

Bigger and Badder Crazy Horses

Well I hope you don't mind but I decided to review a couple of fireworks myself (yes I own Galactic Fireworks) but I think anyone who knows me will tell you I love fireworks and I mean I love them! So I feel I should be able to review a few. My few reviews are my honest and truthful opinions but if you don't trust me just ignore this review.

The reason we had this new firework was it reminded me of the old spec Crazy Horses if you can remember that firework ? Well it was one of my most favourite fireworks only being bettered by the might Tigers Revenge. Sadly both these fireworks have in my opinion lost there ooommmpphhh. But with the Screaming Serpents we have it back. That most wonderful high pitched ear splitting screech that you either love or hate lasts throughout as 100 serpents escape and rise to maybe 200ft into the sky. These Serpents definitely go way way higher than any other firework I have ever seen thus making it once again another unique firework to your display.

If you can put up with the sound of 100 screaming cats (yes cats as Ive never heard a serpent scream) then add one to your display.