Thunder King

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Firework Attributes:

50 Shots
28cm × 14cm × 13cm
Duration 49s
Weight 3.5kg
Explosive Weight 495g

Thunder King

Thunder King from Brothers Pyrotechnics makes a worthy enhancement to any display, sending a plethora of screaming comets twizzling high into the night sky. These effects are truly beautiful and make you wish the 49-second running time was even longer. That said, with the stunning value this product delivers, you could always get two and fire them in tandem.

As each comet is fired by this firework cake, it emits a stunning golden trail. This erupts into an array of different colours that include green, red, blue and golden. As each of these bursts happens, they also let out an almighty bang for good measure. When you consider the 495g explosive weight packed into what is a relatively small box, it’s little wonder.

The highlight of the firework though is arguably the mesmerising mine effect that is created at the base of Thunder King; adding an extra level of wonder to this popular cake. Thunder King can now be purchased either via mail order or within each of our four stores, subject to availability. Order Online Now!

8 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
8 November 2016


I bought this during the sale and expected it to be a good firework...i was wrong. WOW - great whistles to loud reports, definitely woke the neighbors up that's for sure!!

8 November 2016

Still one to have in any display

Thunder king is still a firework to be had in any fireworks display in my personal opinion.
Still a very good contender.

4 September 2016


One of my favourite starters. Gets everyone ready for your display everyone's jaw dropping as they scream everywere then explode. stunning mine affect as they leave! just perfect! Loud and proud!

29 August 2016


Great screaming cake that doesn't go too over the top. If you don't normally like screamers like the Crazed Missile cake then give this a try. Much more toned down version that gives more than just high pitched screams. I recommend firing it at the same time with the Galactic Tornado, brilliant combination!

26 August 2016


If noise is what you like this gives you that and plenty of it

9 October 2014

OMG Brilliant!

This piece of wizardry is the dog's bollox when it comes to all out noise and enjoyment! Loads of screeches loads of bangs loads of fun all wrapped into one amazingly noisy firework! Simply put it's a 1.3 performance all wrapped up in a 1.4 firework there is NO other words to describe it-it's simply BRILLIANT! 5/5 Well done Brothers!

30 September 2014

thunder king

what a cracking screamer gets every ones attention every time (even the ones just there for the beer) think there is a place for thunder king in any size display and every occasion

29 September 2014

I almost wet myself !

OK so I didn't really wet myself but I was so excited when I bought this firework from Galactics Dinnington Shop, Mandy who served me was so knowledgable about fireworks I was a little surprised as I know its mostly a mans world. Anyway back to the review of Thunder King, Its a 50 shot cake that is so chunky and heavy, there are no space fillers in here. The effects are brilliant, firing all over the place with a screaming whistle then exploding with an extremely loud burst too. I thought think was a brilliant recommendation from Mandy who certainly knows her stuff.
P.S will be back before G.F.N for another one of these and maybe the Fireworks Crazy one too.