The Tardis

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Firework Attributes:

126 Shots
53cm × 35cm × 14cm
Cat 3
Weight 7.5kg
Explosive Weight 1000g

The Tardis

The Tardis is arguably Celtic Fireworks’ finest piece. A truly amazing cake, it’s modelled on a professional, category 4-type firework that you would typically expect to see fired at professional displays. The good news for Galactic customers it that it’s been tested and passed for the consumer market.

The Tardis is essentially a collection of several small cakes that have all been fused together. This has led to the creation of a 126 shot, single-ignition barrage that includes a whole host of mesmerising effects. None are more unusual than the strobe-like shots that get things underway.

The whole firework ultimately culminates in what is a beautiful and breath-taking series of finale shots. These truly fill the sky and will remain in the minds of your audience forever.

Lasting for well over a minute, The Tardis delivers some of the finest effects we’ve ever seen available via the consumer firework market. A display within its own right, this is a cake that simply cannot fail to impress.

For us, we’d put The Tardis in our top 3 fireworks of all time. What better seal of approval could you need!

1.3g fireworks are now available for pick up in our retail shops, as well as via mail order. This is due investment that we’ve made in specialist storage cases. 

7 Reviews
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9 January 2017

Is there a doctor in the house?

Normally when you think of the word TARDIS you automatically associate it with the BBC TV Series Dr.Who with the famous Time Lord, and his famous blue police box travelling thru time and space but alas, this thing is nothing of the sort...

Hehe jokes aside, the reality is a quality single ignition firework that is relaxed and takes it time to get through it's wonderful effects -

starting with spinners, then into falling leaves, and red / green crossettes, it rips into silver brocades, followed by red peonies with crackle and silver strobe stars, followed by multiple swirling tourbillions with multicolour red green blue bursts, and gold palms with crackles, then gold palms with red stars, then gold palms with crackles, speeding to a rapid time rain finale.

80 seconds of wonderful magnificence, there you go!!!!

Well worth the money and highly recommended by me 5/5

9 January 2017

Brilliant display

Extremely impressed with the Tardis, as were the neighbours!

We set ours of on NYE to many cheers from neighbouring back gardens who also apparently also loved the Tardis!


5 January 2017

My Favourite Firework

Well what can I say about the Tardis ?

I will say one thing ! BUY ONE !

Best firework I have ever seen

26 December 2016


Set off 2 of these together on BFN in the back garden. Stunning pyro display filled the sky with so much colour and noise. Wow'd everyone

check out my vid here

23 August 2016

The most spectacular ending to a firework.

The tardis is a very pretty firework. The quality of this product is of the highest standard. It's a box of tricks with lots of different effects going on and it's definitely not boring. It starts off slow and then it just builds and builds finishing with the most spectacular ending to a firework I have ever seen, it just fills the sky, high performance pyro the tardis is, make no mistake about that.

8 November 2015

Very good ending

Slow start but it builds well , the finale fills the sky . Is it worth the cash ? Hmm not sure but it's a very good finale firework for a party

7 November 2015


Don't let the price tag of this Firework dictate your decision to buy it or not. I can assure you the Tardis is a display in a box that will easily please any crowd. Don't be fooled by the slow start, just wait for it to erupt and destroy the night sky with effects that will blow your crowd away and leave them speechless.